Steve Pavlina’s Blog

Steve Pavlina has one of the most amazing blogs on the planet. His personal development website is dynomite. Here’s a link to it: Steve Pavlina’s Weblog . It has so much information. There has to be 400 articles on there about all kinds of very interesting topics. I’m not much for marketing other people’s sites, but he definitely has earned some eProps from me. He also has audio files on there, too. There’s about 15 podcats and they are really informative. I know it may seem like a lot to read, but I recommend downloading this tool I’ve been using for about a year called Read Please 2003. It’s a very, very useful tool to make Internet reading passive. It will actually read to you and you can adjust the speed. It’s amazing. Well, thought I’d give props to who deserves them. Now I’ve got work to do. See you all tomorrow.


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