Is There a Secret to Success?

No.  Hard work is the cornerstone of success.  And failure is very common before you will actually become widely successful.  People are always asking me if there is a secret that will instantly make you successful.  No, there’s not.  Unless, of course hard work is the secret you were looking for.  A positive attitude can help success come easier, but it is by no means easy.  There is no secret.  Look at all the people who are successful, like your personal hero.  What has that person done that’s amazing?  Why is that something you look up to?  Is their version of success your version of success?  My version of success is to make people laugh in a consistent manner.  Easier said than done.  Maybe your version of success is reading a book.  I don’t know.  Maybe you want to climb to the top of Mount Everest.  But you have to know why you want to do these things. 

I want to give you a persoanl story that may help.  For the younger generation, this may be more relatable.  I remember when I was younger and I had a Playstation game console.  I had this game called Crash Bandicoot 2.  I tried so hard to besat that game 100%.  I was almost there, at around 92% or so.  I would try for hours and hours to beat it.  But eventually, I stopped before I made it to 100%.  I just gave up.  Not because I was weak, but because I realized that whether or not I beat this game entirely will not affect me in any way that brings me towards my all-time goal of being a comedian.  It had no bearing on how my family and friends would look at me, except for maybe a select few.  But just because I beat a game that was in no contact with the rest of the world didn’t mean I was somehow better.

I just never really cared enough about it.  Now let’s look at the Mount Everest climbing.  Let’s say you were committed to climbing Mount Everest and you were climbing for, say, a week.  You finally realize that this isn’t what you want to do.  This isn’t something that resonates with you.  you have two choices.  You can either continue on up the mountain and do something that isn’t really you, or you can decide to call for helicopters to come and pick you up, abandoning your stagnant dream.  I just hope you have some Powersauce bars to keep you fed while you wait for your rescue.

People often do things to fill a void in their life.  Some people watch TV.  Some people listen to propaganda.  But if you do these things that contradict what you’re trying to accomplish, isn’t your time better spent working on something you actually want?  I can’t recall how many times I’ve really been into a TV show, but at one point or another in the show, I say, “why the hell am I watching this?” and I turn it off and go do something meaningful.  I’ve been doing that a lot with Law and order: CI and SVU.  They’re addictive shows once you get into them.  But the ones I watch are on USA, so I’m not sure if they’re new or old syndicated shows that are not really relevant today. 

The key to being successful is devoting time to being successful.  If you just want to wake up one day and be a success, you’ve got another thing coming.  Another cliche.  i’m two for two.  if you were to just work an hour to two hours a day on what you want to become, rather than watching Friends or Montel williams, then you would be ten or so hours closer to your goal in a week.  in a month, forty hours closer.  And in a year, 2080 hours closer, which amounts to a lot of time that will really push you in the right direction. 

To reiterate:  Success has no secret, unless that secret is hard work, time management, and a positive attitude.  So, until next time, laugh yourself to sleep.


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