Deal or No Deal

Howie Mandel makes me laugh.  I saw him do stand-up on Comedy Central’s Secret Stash about a year ago and I’ve been looking for his older comedy for awhile.  But when I found out he was hosting a television gameshow, I thought, “Damn it!”  I said that because I knew he was going to be censored in a very strict manner.  Which is one reason why I hate network television.  People aren’t allowed to speak their mind.  It’s all about who gets offended these days.  It’s never how something can be made better by some off-color humor.  This post relates to the show Deal or No Deal, but also to every comedian who sold out to be famous and wasn’t half as funny as their true self while in the Hollywood shows and movies that are so critially acclaimed.

Howie Mandel:  I figured I’d start with him.  I remember watching his children’s show Bobby’s World and I remember thinking, “Wow, this show is stupid.”  I never really thought much of him as a person.  I didn’t know what potential he had when he can just let loose in a nightclub.  The vision I had of Howie Mandel was a watered-down version, just like the one I also saw on Deal or No Deal.  However, I saw the second watered-down version of him after I saw the real him.  So it kind of shocked me that he would still take the money and run while censoring himself into Bob Saget (who by the way will be mentioned in this article).  But it came down to one thing:  Take the money and be lame, or not take the big paycheck and remain unable to reach a broader audience, but still be able to be who you truly are.  Now, it’s quite a predicament, I know, but I’m sure it’s not easy to make a decision for sure. 

Eddie Murphy:  Eddie Murphy is a great comedian.  However, even though a few of his movies were remotely funny, he still was saying things that other people put in his mouth.  The older he’s got, the more kid-friendly movies he’s done.  And they’re just awful now.  I can’t even believe people go to see movies like Pluto Nash and Daddy Day Care.  Ugh.  You’d have to pay me to go see stuff like that.  But he’s done movies back in the day that were so amazing.  Take the original Nutty Professor for example.  That was as close to the real Eddie as mass media would allow.  Typical humor to his style, and the fact that he played almost every character at that dinner table.  Those were the days.  At least for him.  But of course, Dr. Dolittle was to follow, along with an array of subpar comedies from a man that changed from a funny guy to a family-friendly cop-out comedian.  I’m sure he did it for the money, but after you get your fifth 20 million dollar check, isn’t it about time to be yourself again?  Isn’t it?

Redd Foxx:  Redd Foxx was one of the bluest comedians of his era, and yet, on his hit show Sanford and Son, he was nothing but an old man with hardly any sense of humor.   Sure, it was funny when he called Lamont Wilson a “big dummy,” but that’s about it.  I remember hearing just one joke of Redd Foxx’s, and I laughed my ass off.  But, for some reason, he never really became his real self on the show.  He was this watered-down pony express.  It was still pretty funny, but I knew he was funnier.

Bob SagetThis guy is the king of selling out.  I remember hearing someone telling me that Bob Saget was funny.  And I thought, No, he can’t be funny.  I’ve seen him on America’s Funniest Home Videos< and he’s anything buy funny.  All he ever does are those stupid voices and acts like a moron. He can’t possibly be funny.  And then I saw a video of him performing on stage and I laughed my ass off, again.  Where was all this material on the show?  On <a href=”>America’s Funniest Home Videosand he’s anything buy funny.  All he ever does are those stupid voices and acts like a moron. He can’t possibly be funny.  And then I saw a video of him performing on stage and I laughed my ass off, again.  Where was all this material on the show?  On America’s Funniest Home Videos, he wasn’t who he really is and that really hurt his career. Now everyone thinks of him as someone who does stupid jokes during someone else’s home videos.The whole point of htis post was to show that all these people had been gvien a deal that would censor them and give them loads of money, or be themselves and continue what they’re alredy doing for less money.  I guess what they say is true:  Money is the root of all evil.  I mean I can understand that some people, like Jerry Seinfeld, didn’t really need to censor himself because he already was a clean comedian.  He was incharge of his show.  Louis CK is making a show on HBO that’s pretty funny.  It’s a sitcom.  I saw one peisode and I enjoyed it.  It was all things from his stand-up act.  Jesus Christ, I’m going to have to add a lot of links to this article.  Wish me luck!


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