TV is Everywhere, and so Are Commercials

We’ve all been to the movie theaters in the last five years, haven’t we?  If not, here’s what you’re missing.  Now they have advertisements before the previews.  Proucts like Coca-Cola,Pepsi, Bengay, Lays, and many others.  And they’re not normal commercials. They’re these long, drawn out, ridiculous commercials that just make you think why these companies even bother advertising anymore.  Companies like Coca-Cola and Pepsi.  We’re all aware that they exist and they haven’t really brought out too many new products lately.  But they continue to advertise everywhere I look, shoving this drink down our thoats, showing people drinking soda, jumping around, having a good time.  I mean, sure, if those people drink soda, fine, but why do you have to make it seem like if I drink your soda, my life will become some fantasy playground?  It’s not really something that I would expect anyway.  I havnen’t drank soda since February 10.  So it really doesn’t affect me too much now.  And McDonald’s counting how many hamburgers they’ve sold.  So what, you sold billions of hamburers.  What do you want, a freaking medal?  I don’t watch many kids’ shows anymore, so I see less McDonald’s commercials, but still, shouldn’t they stop pouring so much of their revenue into advertising?  If we already know that they’re there and we know what htey sell, then why do they have to keep telling us about it?

I guess you could say it has to do with persistent advertising.  This is a technique I just made up. They’ll drill these images into your head of soda and fast food and potato chips, and they’ll have them spinning across the screen with a spotlight on them to make them actually look appealing.  I’ve never been inside a fast food shack and seen the same hamburger I saw on the television.  They give you a false sense of what you’re getting, but they still sell so much.  One person actually sued McDonald’s because they said that their food is addicitive.  Let me give you some thoughts on this.

McDonald’s reminds me of the tobacco companies.  They try to get you while you’re young with Ronald McDonald and Happy Meals.  Then, as you get older, they give you regular combo meals, and they have meals for all walks of life.  I suppose they even have a vegan chicken sandwich.  But they make it a habit.  The Happy Meal comes with a toy.  It’s not that the children really like the food, they have an emotional attachment to the toy.  They look back on their previous trips to McDonald’s with great joy.  They try to collect every toy in the series.  But it’s all in the advertising.

How many commercials do you see for fruits and vegetables?  I haven’t seen one in a long time.  They’re not cramming eating those things into our heads, so maybe we forget about them all-together.  It’s not our faults.  Fruits get nothing, vegetables get nothing.  They’re looked down upon as the food that just isn’t as good.  But they’re wrong.  THey taste so much more amazing than anyone could possibly think, and yet we’re drawn to this food that isn’t exactly appealing, makes you feel terrible afterwards, and eventually causes a heart attack.

Now, on the Internet, there’s even more advertisements.  Everything has to be advertised.  And most of it is pure garbage.  But whatever. What can I do to stop this?  Nothing.  Except take a stand against advertising.  How could I not?  Just don’t watch TV for awhile, or if I do, tape the shows in advance and fast forward through the commercials.  Forget’s newest jingle.  I don’t have time for that shit.  I say I don’t, but I find myself watching all these shows I don’t even care about.  Law and Order:  SVU and CI.  I find myself watching these shows because they’re well-done, but it’s not reality, so why do I care?  I don’t know.  But it’s just something I’ll have to deal with.  If I just want to sit around and watch TV, why don’t I go to bed, so I can get up earlier and do more shit in the morning?  I’ve got to start exercising again anyway.  If I decide to start doing that instead of watching TV, maybe it will make a big difference in my life.  Every time I want to watch TV, I’ll exercise.  And everytime I want to exercise, I’ll destroy a TV. 

I’m sick of the news scaring you into watching it.  Those little  teasers they put on before the news.  They’ll say something like, “Are you going to die tonight?  Find out at eleven.”  That’s extreme, but it’s pretty much what they do, but if you don’t succumb to that fear and decide to not watch the news, you’ll be okay.  But you still may die that night, but not because of them.  Next, I’ll explore the the Zen of Laziness.  I’m really looking forward to slacking off writing that article.


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