Are you an A or a B?

There are supposedly A and B personality types.  Type A is the motivationally driven, Type B is relaxed, creative and imaginative, patient, and more likely to be a self-analyst.  Being relaxed and patient definitely has its benefits.  And the creativity really shines through, especially because just sitting back in a relaxed manner and letting your mind wander is key to being a creative person.  While the type A personality can be very motivated and rush to finish many activities, they often need recognition for everything they do.  Maybe they feel like they’re always being judged, I don’t know.  I personally equate myself with a type B personality.  Which, to some extent, means I’m normal.  Would you believe that?

I sure don’t.  I will tell you, though, that I could never really stand the people with a Type A personality “disorder.”  They were so motivated and always had their work done weeks in advance in my school days.  They were just rushing, rushing, rushing, until the day they died.  Then there’s my type.  Type A personality people are not fond of my type.  It’s personalityism I say!  Hating people based on their personality is wrong.  The A’s would say something to B’s like, “You still haven’t finished your paper on ethological empiricism?  I finished mine a month ago.  And I got all this extra credit handing it in early.”  And the B would be like, “Oh yeah?  Well I had a relaxing day yesterday where I painted a beautiful picture of a sunset while watching my favorite TV show.”

I guess the difference between the Type A and the Type B is that Type A personalities are more concerned with external success, while Type B personalities are more concerned with inner peace and improving your mind, body, and spirit.  Type A’s are up at the crack of dawn exercising on their Bowflex, while Type B’s are sleeping in or meditating on a grassy knoll.  These are the differences between the two types. 

But who wants to be constrained by these rigid guidelines for what human behavior should be like?  There’s six billion people in the world, and they’re trying to say that out of all those people, there are only two distinct personalities in which every human being falls under?  I sincerely doubt that.  I’m sure there are a multitude of people who fall in between the two types, and then there’s people who have nothing to do with them.  It’s this constant labeling that I really don’t like.  Other people who are not you are trying to tell you who you are when you know damn well that you are who you know you are and nothing else.  Don’t let someone call you “a hard worker” just because you go to work every day.  And don’t let someone label you as an “early bird” just because every now and then you get up early.  It’s almost like everyone has to be part of some category with comparison to others, when none of us are exactly the same.  People often ask “What are you?” in relation to religion, employment, or personal beliefs.  But many people never ask, “Who are you?”  That’s why the whole system is messed up.  “What are you?” is like saying, “This person isn’t even conscious.  He’s an inanimate object.  He’s just someone who fits into certain categories of life and will never change, so let’s define him as this.”  It’s complete and utter insanity. 

Whenever people would ask you what you want to be when you grow up, they should have said “Who do you want to be when you grow up?”  That statement rings truer to me.  And in most cases, the latter question will yield a more unique response.  We have to stop pretending to be like everyone else and just be ourselves.  It may not be easy, but not always following the crowd may be in your future if you choose to be yourself.  Don’t let other people define who you are.  It’s not their call.  Imagine of some guy walked into your life and said, “You’re a doctor.”  And you had to be a doctor.  Not because you wanted to, but because he told you that’s what you are.  It’s stupid.

You ever meet those religious fanatics.  It’s always, “I’m a Christian, I’m a Buddhist, I’m a Jew.”  Is that all you are?  Or is that the only thing you equate yourself with?  And this is where stereotypes start.  All the stuff about how Jewish people do this, black people do that, white people do this, Asians don’t know how to drive.  It’s because we equate their nationality with certain characteristics and we don’t realize that each person is his or her own individual snowflake.  And this is why we can’t have nice things.


One Response to Are you an A or a B?

  1. hsczp9 says:

    im a slacker…that must mean B…

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