Christianity is the Devil

Here is a list of the things I really don’t like about Christianity:

  • Believers will often try and force their beliefs on non-believers to “save them.”
  • They believe there’s some authority figure up in the sky that will judge them when they die and either send them to the most wonderful place in the world, or the worst place int he world.
  • They believe that their religion is the only one that’s actually true.
  • They have a history of killing people who don’t believe in what they do.
  • I like to sleep in on Sundays. 
  • They always want more money.  They might as well go ahead and start charging admission.
  • Christians will assume if you’re nice that you are Christian. 
  • People will come up to me and tell me that I have a great Bible name when I’ve never even read it.
  • The Bible is constantlly being misinterpereted. 
  • Jesus is overrated.  Although a very enlightened person, he was just a guy with an idea that everyone seemed to say, “That makes sense…sort of.”
  • Free food at a Christian meeting means you’re getting converted.
  • They have their own genre of music devoted to brining Christ into the lives of every human being, especially those terrorist Muslims. (their words, not mine)
  • Most of them don’t question any of it.  They just follow it blindly and no matter how ridiculous it sounds, it’s in the Bible.
  • I don’t even think Jesus wanted all this attention.
  • Christian Bumper Stickers…ugh.  Not to mention that “Jesus fish.”
  • “one nation under God”
  • Televangelists trying to make me buy a DVD about the Apocalypse.
  • Most Christians don’t even follow their faith completely.
  • The Ten Commandments are all negative, “Thou shalt NOT…”  Well, how about some commandments that say what you can do?  Hmm?
  • Mary had a kid and never had sex.  Yeah, okay.  That’s like being a surgeon and never going to medical school. 
  • I like watching football. 

So don’t go to church this weekend.  Take a week off.  See what all the other people say about you in a negative way.  Is that really the way of Christ?  To put people down for not “believing” as much as you do?  Why don’t you tithe your money to another organization that does good in the community, like a charity?  Maybe some sort of Make A Wish foundaiton.  I meanl, why waste hours of your day, listening to some guy talk about the Bible?  The Bible is outdated.  It’s over 2000 years old.  The New Testament isn’t new.  They should call it the Most Recent Testament. 


One Response to Christianity is the Devil

  1. The Devil says:

    Christianity IS the Devil!!!!!

    I’m coming for your souls!!!!!!!


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