Life in the Slow Lane

I guess you could say that I live life in the slow lane.  I’m not slow in the sense I don’t understand certain things, I’m slow in the sense that it takes me a long time to do stuff, mostly because I hate rushing.  I don’t like it.  It’s not me.  Some people love to run around all day, do errands, and that’s fine if that’s what you want to do.  I say, forget that and take a deep breath and relax.  Life isn’t about who can accompish the most in their lifetimes.  It’s about your personal views on things that make you who you are.  For example, some people would regard graduating college in three semesters a very commendable achievement, while others would say, “You didn’t really experience college the way you were meant to.”

Life is full of experiences.  Some experiences are accomplishments, while many others are just regular stuff that nobody really puts any weight into.  But we value certain moments in our lives differently.  Like the day you spent sitting around isn’t as good as the day you want kayaking in Winnipeg, ME.  Each experience has like it’s own rating.  It’s like, “That was a good day, but this one was even better.”  And we live like this, remembering the good, trying to forget the bad, and looking into the future.  Even though we’re not sure that the future will ever come.  You can’t prove it will, can you?  The only thing you can possibly prove is that the present moment exists.  The past has already happened, so it’s irrelevent.  The future hasn’t happened yet, so it’s also irrelevent.  So what are you left with?  The present.  And what’s the ultimate state of mind that everyone wants?  Relaxation and happiness.  And that’s why I try and make my present moment always filled with those two states of being.

People who get worried about different things or are depressed often think of what might happen in the future or what happened in the past.  But they’re not relevant right now.  Right now, you have a choice of how to act, how to think.  But many people are either living in the past or looking into the future.  I think that’s why many people have fear.  They either imagine things that happened that were fearful or they project themselves into the future where they envision something bad happening.  But when you just let go of all that thinking and just concentrate on the now, the right now, you can at least relax.

I often use this technique while at work.  Like I’ll be there six or seven hours with a couple more to go, and I first think, “How am I going to last this long?”  But then I say, “No, as far as I know, I just go here and I only have two hours to go.”  And as the time goes by, I say the same sentence, but with less time to go.  When I do that, I feel like I could work a triple shift, but I would only really take it in as maybe twenty minutes of work.  If you really break down the present moment right now, and just focus on it for a couple of seconds, you’ll see how your mind goes quiet and you just take in everything around you.  This is why mediation is so effective in relaxation.  Just take the day you had and throw it aside while you concentrate on the right now.

Tomorrow is only an illusion.  It hasn’t happened yet and it will only happen if you believe it will happen.  Until it actually happens, it doesn’t exist.  And when it does happen, it’s not tomorrow, it’s now.  So there’s really no reason to rush.  I sure as hell don’t.  I just wish the world didn’t run on dates and deadlines.  That’s one problem.  Because when you’re living in the now, it doens’t matter what day it is because it’s now.  No particular now is more important than the one you’re experiencing right now.  This is because the other ones no longer exist.

We feel like the world is so stable that tomorrow is inevitable.  So far, it’s been that way, but one day, tomorrow will never come.  As a matter of fact, tomorrow never does come because tomorrow ends up being today, and there’s another tomorrow on the horizon.  So, when someone says they’re going to do something tomorrow, they’re sending the message that they’re never going to accomplish something.  But when someone says they’re going to do something now, that means there’s no delay.  It’s right now.  There is no other time.  It’s almost like all time and space exist simultaneously, but you only expeirence one present moment at a time.  We’re so conditioned that time is linear, but I have a feeling it’s a little different.  I’ll have to ponder this a little more to really explain it well, but in time I will. I’ve got the rest of my life to do it, so there’s really no rush, because when I do it, I’ll be doing it now.


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