Comedy Books I Recommend

Here is a short list of the comedy books I recommend.  These are books about stand-up and how-to books that I really found informative:

 The book I found most enlightening on comedy was definitely Judy Carter’s Comedy Bible because it really had a no-nonsense approach to comedy.  It had pretty good exercises and had some quizzes to determine if you were funny.  It was filled with personal stories, commentary from hundreds of pros, and jokes from more than fifty different comedians.  It also featured how to do a one-person show, write a sitcom, and many other comedy-related things.  Business advice is also very prominent.  I really enjoyed this book.  Of all the books I’ve read, I would recommend this one above everything.

The other two books are very informative and cover the theory of laughter and what makes people laugh.  It talks about different things that cause tension and all that stuff that’s very theoretical in nature.  I would recommend Greg Dean’s book if you’re more of a beginner as it covers basic joke structure and beginning stuff that you really should know already, but he makes a lot of valid points.

How to Be Funny is just a book for being funny in everyday life.  It gave me a ton of great ideas of what creates laughter and basic things like that.  These things have made me a hit at parties and social gatherings, mostly because I think a lot more consciously and on my toes.  It also helps that I have  a sharp wit.  If you don’t have a sharp wit, I’m sure this book will at least sharpen it to a certain extent.  I sure hope you enjoy these three books because I sure did.

Keep in mind that I havnen’t read every comedy book, but I do know when I read bad books and when the books I read are very informative.  Take my word for it, you’ll enjoy these books if you are interested in comedy to some degree. 



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