Random Updates and Speculations

There are some problems I have to work out with the new flyer page I want to develop. but I’m sure in the future I’ll be able to make them work.  The problem is that these flyers are more Microsoft Works-like in nature and converting them to images was a social faux pas for me because when I uploaded one of them, it came in so small, I couldn’t even make it out.  And when I tried to enlarge it, it was all blurry and shit, so I decided to wait a little while until I can specifically map the images to the interface in such a way that I can still create a flyer-like image, and also have some sort of introduction to them as well.  I mean, it’s only natural to have problems when dealing with software I’ve never dealt with before, so I have a feeling that it will resolve of it’s own velition and I’ll be able to place some awesome flyers up in the next couple of days.  I’m really looking forward to this.  I’ve really got to enhance my knowlege of HTML as well.  So far, all I’ve really done with respect to HTML is basically links and lists.  I’m just having trouble figuring out what else this site needs.  Maybe some photo imagery?  I’m not sure at this time.

I’m also working on a myspace page on www.myspace.com/andrewbrunelle.  It looks to be something decent so far, but there’s only so much media I can fit on one of those pages.  Eventually, I’m hoping to collaborate the two onto my own server where bandwith is my option to contract or expand.  I’m almost there.  I really have it going now.  The only real problem is getting more traffic.  I’m glad traffic has increased signnificanly since I started this blog, but it’s still in the low range compared to blogs I read on a semi-daily basis.  So I intend for much more visitors to come to my website and experience me as a whole.  Okay, I’ve got some uploading to do on myspace, so hang tight and I’ll be there for you, hope you’re there for me, too.


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