Sam Kinnison is Crazy

Here’s a link to Sam Kinnison that I really enjoyed.  He’s this comedian from back in the day.  He used to scream a lot and stuff, but I never really saw his act before today.  I saw him in the Rodney Dangerfield movie Back to School.  He was the history professor who yelled at Rodney, who decided to yell back.  It was something about WWII.  I forget, but it was a great scene.  It was a little sexually explicit, but it’s not like your kids are home right now.  Or are they?  If they are, bring them in to watch one of the grerat ones.  Rodney is also seen on this video introducing Kinnison to stage.  I’m not sure when it was shot, but the video quality isn’t the best I’ve ever seen, but the audio is pretty spot on.  Well, enjoy and check out my Myspace page as well. 

I’d also like to introduce you to a brilliant female comic known as Tig.  She is just hilarious.  I really can’t put into words how much she makes me laugh.  One of the only female comedians who can accomplish this task.  But I’m sure you all have your tastes and I have mine, but there’s no mistaking funny when I see it.  Well, have a good night and farewell until the morning, at least.


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