Giving Up TV

Has anyone here ever given up TV?  Just for a day?  A week?  A month?  It’s not the easiest thing to do in the world because we’re so used to watching it all the time.  It’s like a filler for our days and our nights.  When there’s nothing else to do, let’s watch Deal or No Deal or whatever else is on.  What I don’t understand is that we’ll watch these people do things and have no intention of doing those things ourself.  Like if you watch a talk show, you have no intention of going on that talk show or ever hosting your own talk show, so why bother?  Who cares about who Maury says the father is?  I guess it’s just a way for us to cope with the fact that those people are doing worse than us.  Most people take pleasure in looking down on people who are less fortunate than they are.  What they don’t understand is someday that could be them.

But TV is so negative sometimes.  Have you ever seen the news?  It’s always, “seven dead, thirteen wounded, terrorist threats, etc., etc., etc.”  I can’t take that anymore.  It makes the world seem so dangerous without us even experiencing the danger firsthand.  It’s just a bunch of scare tactics.  I totally hate it.  And then all those news channels like Fox News have all these hidden agendas and only let certain kinds of shows on and it’s just awful.  I can’t stand it anymore.

And then there’s the fact that most of the shows that are meant for entertainment suck.  I mean, look at the reality shows they have on now.  Dancing with the Stars?  Fucking Skating with Celebrities?  Have we gone insane?  How the hell can I in my right mind watch garbage like that?  It’s just not right.  It is terrible.  I really can’t see how people can spend a good chunk of their life watching shows they don’t even like.  I’ve done this before, though.  I figured I’d see what was on TV.  Nothing.  So I watched something I didn’t even like just to pass the time.  Why?  Because I couldn’t find anything better to occupy my time with.  Now I have better things to do.

Now I’m not looking down on you TV watchers.  I really can empathize with you.  You’ve been watching it your whole life and you you’re so used to watching it that you can’t seem to break the habit.  But why do it?  Every time I’ve seen someone watching TV, it’s almost like they’re hypnotized or in a zombie-like state. And don’t try and interrupt their soap opera.  They want to find out every little detail about whoever is on there.  It’s just sick as hell. 

Let’s not forget about Dr. Phil.  What an arrogant asshole.  I can’t stand him.  Who the hell does he think he is?  He thinks he’s a good therapist.  He thinks he’s so good that he can solve all your problems in a twenty-minute segment.  And he’ll often just tell people how messed up they are in an attempt to piss them off to the point that they have to be restrained on national television.  Then they realize that they don’t even have a problem.  Their only problem is a mental one.  The fact that they opted to go on a show where a bald doctor who cares more about ratings than actually helping people is the problem.  I’d rather go on Montel Williams and smoke a joint before I’d ever talk to Dr. Phil and his Ultimate Weight Loss Solution.  You know what that was?  You lose all your hair and develop a southern accent.  That’s his Ultimate Weight Loss Diet.

I can’t watch sticoms anymore either.  They’re sickening.  They all blend in together and they’re all the same thing.  It’s just awful.  How can I watch a show with the guy from Everybody Loves Raymond and some woman from another show I never watched?  Then I have to act like I’m genuinely interested before they let me down completely by suggesting some awful premise that I can’t even relate to whatsoever.  Sometimes I wonder…

So I invite you to try a couple of weeks without TV.  Just give it a try.  I know I will because I haven’t seen a show worth watching in at least six years.  Except for South Park.  That’s it.  No other show has ever made me feel like I’ve accomplished something while I watched it.  And this is why some of those people on TV can’t have nice things.  Fill that void with something you like to do, like one of your hobbies.  There’s no need for filler if your life is filled with fun things to do.  There are far more entertaining and valuable resources out there for you to enjoy.  Peace out.


2 Responses to Giving Up TV

  1. […] One thing you could also do is to help the non-funny friends develop humor skills and laughter.  It make take hard work.  But just give them this fact:  When you think about something, you can think about it two ways.  One way is to think everything is terrible and awful and there’s no way you could ever see yourself doing what you want to do.  Or you could look at the bright side of life and everything will work out for you, eventually.  Just keep that attiude up.  With these two alternaives, I find it fascinating that most people choose to be depressed and negaive when there’s so much positive in the world.  It’s all about perspective, I guess.  Or maybe it’s all the TV they watch.  Well, I gotta go now, but I hope you enjoyed it.  Peace. […]

  2. […] positive in the world.  It’s all about perspective, I guess.  Or maybe it’s all the TV they watch.  Well, I gotta go now, but I hope you enjoyed it.  […]

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