Laughter as a Way of Life

Laughter is something you can either embrace or resist.  It’s so strange because there’s been studies done that shows the average child laughs about 200 times a day and the average adult laughs maybe five times a day.  What happened to all those laughs?  We all had to grow up and forget about our sense of umor or what?  I feel that having a sense of humor is the only thing that keeps some people sane.  Take that away from them and they’re a lunatic. 

So why the hell don’t we laugh as much as we get older?  Society conditions us to take the world seriously, with all those threats to your survival, all those depressing news stories, and propaganda to keep us all in fear.  I remember when I was a kid, I would watch the news with my mom and I would immediately say how boring it was.  Always talking about dead people or explosions or massacres.  It was neve anything that made me want to ever watch it again.  How can you laugh when you are aware of so much suffering.  It’s a known fact that around 150,000 people die a day.  It’s a condition of the Earth.  So why do we need to be so depressed about it all the time?  Why does the news media have to shove it down our throats while not feeding us the good news most of the time?

Growing up means you have to get serious about your life.  You have to meet deadlines and all that.  There’s always something you have to do.  There’s not as much time to laugh.  You have more worries, more deadlines, more bills to pay.  But I don’t think that should stop you from laughing, at least on a semi-regular basis.  I mean, it’s not going to kill you.

So, my advice to you to to try what I call a laughter meditation.  It’s where you put all your problems aside, forget completely about them, and just laugh.  Laugh at the things you find funny.  Do it for five, ten minutes and just enjoy those moments like they’re solid gold wrapped in gold-plated silver.  It will allow you to relax yourself and feel good, at least for the time you are laughing. 

Have a sense of humor, too.  You can joke about your financial situation, your car breaking down, or your house being repossessed.  Don’t take life so seriously.  I find the people with the best attitudes towards life have a sense of humor and they usually thrive because of it.  People are drawn to humor, not drawn to depression and angst, although those tools can be great for humor.  Humor and laughter are tension release.  Some comedians refer to stand-up comedy as their “therapy.”  And I agree, to a certain extent.  Having other people laugh at your life, which you think is also funny, is really just a wonderful way to feel good.

I’m sure you read my previous post on how I got through a brain tumor using laughter through the whole surgery process, the whole radiation process, the hair loss, everthing.  And I emerged victorious.  Not just because the treatment worked, but because I had a positive attitude through all the laughter I was getting frome everyday life.

So, when life gets rough, just put yourself apart of it for maybe ten minutes and laugh it off.  When you’re done, I’m sure you’ll feel much better.  I know I do.  If that doesn’t work then try yoga or something.


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