No Title Necessary

THe biggest trouble I’ve had these past six months was figuring out why the hell I’m on this Earth and what this all means.  You know, the big picture.  Astronomy can be a very discouraging science to study as it really lets you know how insignificant you are.  It makes you think that nothing really matters at all.  And maybe things are better that way.  Think about it.  You do something you regret.  Deosn’t matter compared to the universe.  Compared to all of existence.  But if you really come from inside, you can find meaning in your life, but the meaning of everything and how it’s connected still gets to me.  I can’t connect the dots to this world and the gigantic universe.  Why was all of that even created if we never actually experience any of it?  How do we know there are other life forms out there if we’ve never seen any? 
I think it’s time for me to get into my spaceship and go see for myself because I don’t think I”m going to get any anwers here.  Just trying to figure it out this way is getting me nowhere.  I know that the universe exists, but I’m not sure to what degree.  How can we be sure that there are other things out there and not just projections of other things?  And what kind of pure randomness allowed for our planet to have life?  Why did we end up being in the perfect position for that?  And why am I me and not someone else?  Why me? Why not you?  It only makes sense.  Waht the hell are we here for and why should we care?  Even if we do build up the Earth to be really advanced and all that stuff, what will it mean with respect to the entire universe?  And why can’t I get any answers? 
It’s almost as if we really don’t exist.  How can we prove that this isn’t just some sort of weird dream that never ends?  And when we go to sleep, it’s like a dream in a dream.  But for some reason, this dream is very stable while the dream in a dream changes nightly, sometimes.  I’ve got a full time job in my dream world, although it’s the same on I have here in the “real world,” but I don’t get paid when I dream about my work because I guess there’s no reason to be paid as I can’t bring it back to this world.  That would be nice though, wouldn’t it?  Getting paid for dreaming about working.  And I don’t care about the Employee’s Dream Working Act of 1967, I should get paid for it.
But I wonder even about my dreams.  What do they represent and how do they connect to my real life?  Sometimes I have an idea, but sometimes I don’t.  It’s like if you dream something about your childhood, what is that supposed to mean?  That you should be a child again, or does it mean you have some sort of problem you have to work out?  How the hell should I know?  I just wish someone would tell me.
It’s almost as if we live in this world, have no idea why, but for some reason, we try everything to ensure our survival.  But for what?  What are we living for?  Is there something out there we seek?  When will we discover the true purpose of our existence?  Is there even one, or are we just here for absolutely nothing?  Is this God’s cruel joke?  “Let’s see if these people can last for 3 million years.  Any takers?”  Because we’re kind of the “new guys” in the world as many animals alive today were alive long before us.  So what gave us the right of taking over the whole world and even eating the other animal because they’re not as smart as us?  Does that really make sense?  What’s going to be next?  Eating retarded people?  Then ignorant people?  I mean we don’t even have respect for animals that have lived millions of years longer than us.  Think about that.  Our only thought when looking at them is, “Mmm, that’ll be good on Thanksgiving.”  Animals that live in harmony with one another and we build roadways and stadiums to disrupt their living space and if they ever try to reclaim it, we call an exterminator.  Killing animals and insects because they’re a nuisense.  Is that fair?  I don’t think so, but it’s the way we live our lives.
You’re probably wondering why this post isn’t that funny.  It’s because I’m trying to figure out what the hell is going on and why we’re all here doing what we’re doing and what it all means.  I’m simply trying to express my innermost deep thoughts.  Like supposedly there’s this path in life that we all have to follow or we’re crazy or something.  First, go to school, then college, then get a job, get married, have kids, get a house with a white picket fence and a dog named Sparky.  Eventually retire, and then do meaningless activities until you die.  Is that a way to live?  That’s what society wants us to do.  Well I’ll tell you something right now.  Very few people will find true happiness like that.  True happiness is going for what you believe in.  Doing things that may put you at risk, but doing them anyway because that’s who you are.  Don’t let other people and society stand in your way.  Compared to the rest of the universe, who are they?  They’re nothing but a triviality.  They’re not much more than you as an individual, so it shouldn’t be hard to resist its conditioning.  We don’t all have to follow the same path.  It wasn’t meant to be that way.  And that’s why I chose comedy.  Not because other people do it.  Not because other people want me to do it.  But because I want to do it.  Because I have a passion for it.  “But it doesn’t really matter.”  I know, but it matters to me, the only opinion that really counts in my world.   It’s me, the creator of my life that decides what matters and doens’t matter.  And that’s a wrap.


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  1. All said and done , I love ur blog. I love ur perspective to world thru humour .

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