FDA Are Bastards

Perscription drugs are crazy.  They always claim to have a new disease out, and then they make some drug for it, which in turn creates side effects.  The side effects are usually worse than the condition you’re treating, so now you have to take more perscription drugs to treat the side effects, which in turn have more side effects.  And the cycle continues until you have every perscription drug on the market, wallowing in thousands of pills a day for the rest of your life.  So why do we put up with this?  Most of these drugs are just a quick fix to a problem.  There’s usually a bigger, better solution that people just don’t want to commit to, so they take a pill and it temporarily eases their pain.  But after awhile, they become used to the drug, and then they need to up the dosage to get the same effect, which means they have to buy more and the drug companies, mainly the FDA, gets all the profits.  I just don’t see how they can live with themselves. 

If you get on a drug that helps you with depression, it causes weight gain, so now you have to take a pill that induces weight loss, but that makes your heart beat too fast, so now you have to take heart medication, which causes inpotence.  So now you have to take Viagra, which leads to you having sex like crazy and eventually suffering a massive heart attack.  So now  you’re even more depressed, so you get put on Paxil, which causes hair loss, so now you have to get rogaine, which causes paranoid thoughts.  So they end up putting you on some anti-psychotic drug and now you just walk around like a zombie all day, all because you started out depressed.  Your perscrition bill is over $500 a month and you don’t even realize it because you’re all zonked out because of all the pills you’re taking. 

Then you buy into the whole Life Alert thing.  You know, that thing that if you ever fall or have a heart attack while no one’s around, you can press a button and the ambulance will show up at your house.  That’s another 50 or so a month that you give away.  You never use it, except that one time you rolled over in bed and accidentally pressed it.  The ambulance ride costs you seventy dollars, and you didn’t even ride in it.  It’s messed up.  But we all accept it.  And i don’t know why.  I think we need to stand up and do something.

Did you know that the FDA has a monopoly on any cure for anything?  They state that the only thing that can cure a condition is a drug.  When they know damn well that other things can cure people.  What about herbs and stuff?  What about good foods and a healthy diet?  Why would those cure anything?  They’re not drugs.  What a bunch of morons.  Like a pill is going to cure your obesity.  The only thing it might do is lower your self-esteem. 

 Then there’s the king of it all:  Restless Leg Syndrome.  You’ve got to be kidding me.  Supposedly this is a syndrome where right before you’re about to fall asleep, your legs start moving uncontrollably.  Come on.  And they actually have a pill for this.  I’ve heard of some fake diseases in my day, but this takes the cake.  If your legs move at night, you should tie them to the fucking bedposts.  Don’t spend money on pills that could just as well be spent on some good shackles.  I’m not going to push this point any further, but it just doens’t make any fucking sense.

Then there’s the Social Anxiety Disorder.  These are people who are afraid of people.  They’re afraid of social situations.  Get over it!  You don’t need a fucking pill to solve your problems for you, unless that pill is Get Over It.  If you’re afraid of talking to someone in public, then go out and do it.  Eventually, you’ll get over your fear.  Don’t think a stupid fucking pill is going to solve your problems for you.  It’s just a circular half centimeter in diameter drug. 

I guess that’s all I really have to say about them.  Too many side effects, too many pills.  Somehow to control all our problems, or so it seems.  But it’s when you get to the core of the motivation behind these bastards, you’ll see it all comes down to a bunch of green papers known as money.  So remember that when you see the next drug ad, “Have you ever fallen asleep watching TV?  You could have Dozing Off Syndrome.  here’s a pill that will help.  Side effects include: vomiting, death, SIDS, homicidal thoughts, suicidal thoughts, cancer, kidney failure, herpes, and restless leg syndrome.”  Good night, yall.


3 Responses to FDA Are Bastards

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  2. 8 says:

    What was said about fda is too accurate to be humorous. What fda needs is a foot up their asses

  3. The FDA can burn in Hell for what they have done by suppressing real medicine to Cancer patients, Multiple Schlerosis victims, Neurodegenerative disorder victims, Mental disorder victims and almost every other kind of illness.

    Their new bull shit with trying to regulate E cigs that are saving millions of lives from COPD and other respiratory diseases… Fuck them.

    They can rot in the bowels of Hell for making profit off of sickness.

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