Looking Back for Laughter

I know that all of life isn’t funny. I certainly am aware of that. But if I’m ever feeling down or in need of a laugh, I create my own humor or look back on a previous time in my life that had me laughing uncontrollably and it brings back some of that joy. For example, I remember I was working (at a supermarket) about six months ago and this woman brings this CD into my line and says, “This is marked down.” And I look at the cover and it’s a Ruben Studdard CD, marked down from $12.99 to a dollar. A dollar. I just brust out laughing because, in a way, I had already seen this coming. I sometimes look back on it for some sporadic laughter if needed. Then I have all the great quotes from the shows I watch. Most of them have quote sites and I can just go on the site and read a few of them and get a couple of laughs out of them and it makes me feel much better. I can tune out the world around me and focus on the things that make me laugh. Some things are just very trivial, but they’re still really funny. For example, I remember one episode of South Park Where Kenny was doing all these crazy stunts for money and he eats a manatee spleen and he then vomits it all over the snow. And a kid says, “I’ll pay you ten dollars to eat your own vomit.” And Butters is like, “Yeah, you can scoop it up in my R. Kelly thermos.” R. Kelly thermos? That is just so funny to me. And even thinking about Matt and Trey’s thought process when making this thermos into the show just cracks me up. So I get some internal joy. But it is a very powrful resource to have. If you want to experience more joy in your life, why not use laughter. It even burns calories. So if you’re a little overweight, you could maybe laugh yourself to a better size. I remlember hearing a story, but I don’t have a link available because I’ve never read his book or heard of it, but it has to do with a guy who had terminal cancer and decided not go get any treatments. All he did was watch comedies and take Vitamin C. And he was cured within a year. He laughed and laughed and laughed to the point he couldn’t laugh no more and he eventually cured himself through laughter. This is one reason why I seriously encourage you to bring laugher into your life. Without it, the world can be a very bland and unappealing place. Which it’s strange why animals don’t laugh. I’ve never seen one do so. Except for the heyena, but I think he’s faking it. We are the only life form who has the capability to unleash this immense power inside ourselves…so why not use it? I don’t know anyone who doesn’t enjoy a good joke. And if I ever meet such a person, I’m positive that person will be miserable, possibly even on suicide watch. So my advice to whoever reads this blog is to go out and rent your favorite comedy movie, or if yo already own it, put it into the VCR/DVD player and just laugh your ass off until you can’t breathe. Just don’t take life so seriously, or you could end up institutionalized. Until I wrie again…


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