Funny vs. Non-Funny Friends

I’m sure most of you have friends who laugh a lot and some who never laugh at all.  Some who have a great sense of humor and some who have none.  I mean it’s pretty common.  But if you’re one of those people who is constantly hanigng out with people without any sense of humor or is completely oblivious to the word laughter, then it is probably a real drag to hang out with them.  I know that whenever I meet someone who is never in a good mood, never laughing, my first thoughts are, “Get away from this person.”  At my work, we had this guy who constantly complained, constantly bitched about other people and what they weren’t doing, saying certain people are in a bad mood, saying that he couldn’t stand his job, and every day was like this.  He eventually quit and went somewhere else.  It’s the best thing you can do for yourself. 

Then there’s another guy at my work who’s always in a good mood.  Always.  And he treats the customers with respect and usually has a good joke or two for them, even though they are stupid jokes, at least he tries to get people to smile.  His tagline to every customer is, “The greatest joy in life is to make someone else smile.”  And it’s true to some extent.  I enjoy doing that as well.  Hell, I’m going into a career that relies heavily on that fact.

While the first employee was bitching about what he didn’t get, how he had to work long hours, and how his boss was “the evilest store manager ever,” the second employee was happy and even tried to make this evil store manager laugh quite a bit.  Now he wasn’t always successful, but at least he tried to lighten up someone who everyone else is afraid to approach.  And I looked at the two and figured:  “I could talke to someone who’s constantly bitching and moaning, or I could talk to someone who always is in a good mood and willing to do anything to help.”  I don’t even have to tell you I chose the latter because the former was quite demotivating.  Sure, my job does suck, but at least I can make the best of it by sharing a few laughs with many of my coworkers.  And my friends as well.  And I usually don’t hold long and meaningful conversations with people who aren’t in a good mood or aren’t laughter-prone.  It’s just not the same.  If you’re so serious, it’s no fun talking to you.

So, the whole thing I’m getting at here is to find people with a good attitude and a great sense of humor and hold on to those people like a block of gold because they only come along once in about every two to three years.  When you do find someone like that, someone who is constantly reaffirming that fact that we’re all lucky to be alive and that life isn’t supposed to be so mundane.  It brings us back to our childhood days when laughter was as common as sneezing, maybe even moreso.  Find people who love to laugh and have a good time and you too will have that good time.  Transfer your top friends from ones who bring you down to those who bring you up to humorous accolades. 

One thing you could also do is to help the non-funny friends develop humor skills and laughter.  It make take hard work.  But just give them this fact:  When you think about something, you can think about it two ways.  One way is to think everything is terrible and awful and there’s no way you could ever see yourself doing what you want to do.  Or you could look at the bright side of life and everything will work out for you, eventually.  Just keep that attiude up.  With these two alternaives, I find it fascinating that most people choose to be depressed and negaive when there’s so much positive in the world.  It’s all about perspective, I guess.  Or maybe it’s all the TV they watch.  Well, I gotta go now, but I hope you enjoyed it.  Peace.


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