I was thinking about somehow boosting this site’s traffic with some sort of marketing ploy, but I advised against it because I am not about marketing.  I am about genuine connection with the readers.  I’ll let my readers tell other readers about this blog.  I don’t need to market it extensively.  Hell, what do I care about SEO or social bookmarking?  It’s just not relevant to me.  But I may not get as much traffic, but my main goal will be to crank out articles rather than constantly link to others’ blogs while posting a lame comment about “How to Lose Thirty Pounds in Twenty Days.”  I’m not like that.  There are very few blogs that really capture the same sort of feel as me, so I need to somehow talk to them about how they get so many readers.  I know that if I can get over 100 a day or around 3000 a month, I’ll be good, but right now I’m oscillating wildly on different days.  It’s all about who comes here.  I have to wholefullly intend for this stie’s traffic to increase, and I know it will increase eventually because I porvide original and valuable content, but I guess I just have to find a place where I can tell people about it.  I can say I run a Comedy and Humor blog on  I could make little cards and place them at the library.  I could put flyers up in colleges around the campuses. 

A lot of people in the blogosphere write very shallow entries about celebrities or just a link to a post on a different blog.  What is that supposed to do for me?  Sure, you’ll get some traffic, but they won’t be reading your blog for long.  They’ll be reading other people’s blogs for many hours while only linking to yours by curiosity and eventually leaving when they realize that you have very little substance on there.  And I also find that a lot of people post very short, pointless articles about nnothing really.  They may say they’re going to the beach today.  Well, good for you.  That was a waste of reading.  I find many posts to be very superficial and don’t really delve into the topic at hand.  I just don’t understand how people like this could be getting more traffic than me.  I know my blog isn’t even three months old, but I feel like there has to be something they’re doing better than me, and I’m sure it isn’t the post depth or the original content.  It’s more on the blog network side, the linking to poular blogs, which in turn get a link on the popular blog’s site, which leads to a bunch of people from the popular blog coming to their site to be disappointed once again.  But the fact is that they’ll still come.

But I don’t want to be someone like that.  Someone who only gets superficial traffic.  I want traffic where people will come on here and read for hours and hours.  Well not yet, but sooner or later, I’l have enough content.  I want people to come on here and change the way they think, not just a way to pass the time.  I don’t want reading my blog to be a waste of time, I want it to be a good use of time.  Maybe I’ll raise the bar.  I’ll start making this place amazing, something that all the people who read will be telling their friends and family about. 

My main goal here is to make this into a fully-functioning website.  I just need the traffic.  Once I get the traffic, I can do it.  There is no sense in making a website that no one will go to.  The whole point of making a site is so people will get to see the real me.  See what I’m about, what I think about, how I go about my day.  So I am going to challenge myself here.  I challenge myself to make at least one post every day of great quality, not just quantity.  I challenge myself to do something for the next 30 days to market my site, but not in a superficial way.  I challenge myself to become a super-blogger and use methods that I have learned to boost traffic on my blog.  And finally, I challenge myself to tell people I know about my blog, who will most likely refer other people here.  These are the things I intend to do  I’m getting more traffic every day.  That is what I soley and fully want to happen.


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