Wasting Time

There are so many ways to waste time.  Some of it is productive and the other half of it is destructive.  Wasting time is an art form, but sometimes it can turn into a disaster.  You have to waste time intelligently or else wasting time will become wasting your life.  And if you waste your life, you might as well not have been born in the first place.  Time is a waste of time.  So if you can get good useage out of your time, then wasting it will really be using it. 

Here’s an example.  You come home from work after a tough day and you plop down on the couch and look for the remote because you want to see what’s on TV.  You’re not turning it on for any particular reason, but just looking to see if there’s something on.  And even if you don’t find something even remotely interesting, you still watch the least repulsive thing on.  Maybe it’s a nature show, who knows?  But you just sit there for an hour, two hours, or six hours, watching somthing you really don’t even care for just because you don’t have anything else to do with that spare time.  I would rather sit on that same couch just thinking for six hours than watch something I don’t really care for.  I would rather work on my set list before I would sit there and waste time. 

When I waste time, I like to do it actively.  I like to have my mind or body engaged in something when I am wasting. I’d rather not waste time passively, because it’s like just watching something or someone while you remain dormant, both physically and mentally.  One example is reading an entire newspaper just because you want to justify the fifty ents you spent on it.  You even read the “How to Please Your Man” article.  But why do that when you could be doing something you enjoy, not something you feel forced to do because of a specific cost.  I’ve bought many books that I just stopped reading because I felt they were a waste of time.  I said, “I could waste my time doing better things.”

Sometimes I shift into comedy mode and have five or six jokes come out in an hour.  While it looks like I’m just sitting here doing nothing, wasting time, my mind is working at such a rapid pace that NASA couldn’t track it.  To you, it may seem like doing that is a waste of time, but to me, it’s like doing that is the best possible use of my time.  I’d much rather do that than spend two hours of my life watching “War in Iraq” coverage or the Super Bowl Sunday Pregame show.  And making good use of your time doesn’t have to cost you any money.  Just spend time hanging out with people you like to hang out with.  It’s better than watching The Real World and watching other people hang out with their friends.  How dumb is that?  We actually watch people hang out with other people and take some kind of entertainment value out of it. 

I hate it when people say, “I don’t have any time to do that.”  That’s a bunch of crap.  Listen, with all the time people waste, I’m sure you could put your iPod Nano on pause and stop watching retarded videos on YouTube while eating a gigantic hot pretzel in your underwear.  Get off your ass and do something!  Well, you may not need to get off your ass, but at least do something.  You can still waste time, but just do it more actively.  That’s what I do and I find that I do have enough time.

 Now I’m not saying you have to become some super overcachiever because even that is a waste of time if you don’t know why you’re doing it.  I was listening to a podcast on “The Lazy Way to Success,” and I remember the guy saying that you don’t have to be a driven person to be productive.  Just don’t do nothing the wrong way or you’ll get nothing.  Don’t wate time, but use your time productively while relaxing as well.  Put your income on autopilot or something so that you’re not going to the office for X amount of hours and getting paid X amount of dollars.  You could do so many more productive things with that time.  You’re way better off finding easier ways to make money so that you can use less time to make money, which in turn will allow you to waste time in the manner you see fit.


One Response to Wasting Time

  1. MIchael says:

    This is a great post. It really puts everything into perspective.

    This is a brilliant quote: “You have to waste time intelligently or else wasting time will become wasting your life. And if you waste your life, you might as well not have been born in the first place.”

    I find myself here wasting too much of my time, yet not accomplishing anything. I find myself being that guy that comes home and plops down and finds the least repulsive thing to do (not TV in my case, more so the computer and internet). I also like how you call time wasting an art; that is so true. The good for of time wasting is better expressed as time spent, while the bad form is simply time wasted.

    Oh and I found this from stevepavlina.com forums.

    Anyways, thanks for sharing your insight with the world, hopefully more people will read this.

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