Do What You Love, Not What You Don’t

I’ve heard this so many times, I swear it’s a recurring theme in my like.  If something is your life, why would you want to spend it doing things that you don’t want to do?  Why would you want to work at a job you hate, doing meaningless work, to you at least, and never erally embracing the passion you hve for, say, needlepoint.  Sure, you may get to make a couple in your spare time, but you never really come to embrace your needlepoint passion and it remains dormant.  You never get any better because you don’t devote enough time to build up your needlepoint skills.  And this is a way of life that often prevents people from doing what they’re supposed to do.  Sure, I’m sure some people like their job because it’s what they feel they were meant to do.  I have a man working at my supermarket who absolutely loves working there.  He loves to help people find groceries they couldn’t find and always says, “It’s a pleasure to help you.  It’s always a joy to help somebody else.”  I guess he’s in the right line of work.  Then there are the people who work and they hate it so much, but they have to work to survive.  They gossip cosntantly about the people there and they usually don’t work there very long, but they just move on to some meaningless, boring job that doesn’t mainfest the fire and desire that it should.

Yesterday, I was working at the job I think is a waste of time, and I was just observing most of the people there.  Just watching the employees do their jobs and it was so autonomous, like ithey were some sort of robot.  I couldn’t get over how superficial the conversations were that they had with their customers.  “Oh, how are you?”  “Good. How are you?”  “Good.”  That was the extent of most of the conversations.  The way they work is very monotonous and they don’t seem to be getting any joy out of it.  I know most of the people working there are vibrating on a much lower frequency than me, so I guess they may not yet have the ability or consciousness to bring themselves out of this montony.  But there are a couple of people who just do it for the hell of it, retired people, people who have had meaningful jobs in the past, and those are the people I tend to gravitate towards because they often have better insights on life.  They know what they’re about and they know that they have already reached their passionate state previously in life and still carry some of it with them.

It’s no secret that my passion is comedy and humor.  That’s what I practice and what I preach.  There’s other dimensions to me, but comedy is the underlying theme.  I’m very eloquent in my speech as well, but I definitely love to observe people and just take some comedy out of it.  Maybe your passion is skateboarding, but you were never good enough to make the pro team.  Well, that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun doing it.  You could even start a skateboarding business.  If skateboarding is what you’re passionate about, go for it.

I”m sick and tired of people who hate their job, hate their life, hate this, hate that.  I just can’t stand being around those people.  You know, the ones that are always complaining.  “I didn’t get this, I didn’t get that.  I hate this person, I can’t stand that person.  I’m not working here anymore.”  Well, then leave!  Jesus Christ!  I’ve never seen such hostility.  But you have to get into doing things you love, even if you don’t know how to make money from it yet.  You have to build up your skills and eventually turn what you like to do into money.  it’s not that complicated.  Most of the successful people of the world would hardly call the way they make a living work.  They love to go “play” and get their projects done because tbey’re genuinely passionate about it.  They don’t have resentment towards the fact that they have to go “work.”  They’re fucking happy as hell just to have the opportunity to do it.  They even wake up early to start on their day.  These are the people you should strive to be like.  These are the people who are successful.  These are the people who still do the same job even after they make millions of dollars.

A great example from stand-up comedy is the great Jerry Seinfeld.  He made millions upon millions of dollars in the nine years he did Seinfeld and he’s still making residuals every day an episode airs.  So what do you think he’s doing now?  He’s performing stand-up codmedy all over the country, touring all around.  Does he do this for the money?  No, he does it because it’s the only thing he loves so much that money isn’t an intrinsic factor.  It’s not a factor at all.  He just loves doin git.  That’s the kind of motivation I’m talking about.

So here’s my challenge to you:  For the next five to six hours of your spare time, devote at least two of them to something you’e passionate about.  Something you love to do.  Something you would do if money wasn’t involved.  Just do it.  Nike.  Just kidding.  If you love to go for long walks in nature, then do it.  If you love to paint, even if you’re not good at it, do so.  Let your passion take hold of you and guide you to eternal bliss.  Learn all you can about your passion.  It won’t be work, it will be pure play.


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