Most People Suck

In my previous post, I touched on how I hate certain people.  I don’t hate all people, just most of them.  It’s not even that I hate stupid people.  I hate ignorant people.  I hate people who just “drift through life like lumps of crap.”  I hate the people who try to hold a position they don’t even believe in.  I hate people who blindly follow certain religions just because their family does.  I hate people who drink and drive.  I hate people who care more about profits than geniunely helping people.  I hate people on a power trip.  I hate lawyers, politicians, and policemen, most of whom are corrupt.  I hate people who think they know what’s best for everyone when they can’t even relate to the different socio-economic status of more than 70% of them.  I hate people with excessive tattoos.  I hate people who always talk about Jesus.  I hate people who lie about what they do for a living to have sex.  I hate people who gain weight but don’t do anything to try and stop it.  I hate people who try and glorify criminal behavior.  I hate teachers who have sex with their students.  Enough of who I hate, leet’s go to the opposite side.

I like people who always have something new to say.  I like people who hve a sense of humor all the time, no matter what happened to them.  I like people who live each day like it’s precious, like it’s one of their last.  I like people who respect others’ opinions and don’t force change on someone who doesn’t want it.  I like people who are vibrating at a higher frequency than me.  Their energy is amazing.  I like people who are in touch with themselves on a nightly basis (no not masturbation).  I like people who aren’t afraid to be who they truly are, not some socially-conditioned, law enforcement fearing, Bible-beating lunatic.  I like people who expose the truth.  I like people who always have a good story to tell.  I like people who, when you’re talking to them and their cell phone rings, they ignore it and continue on with the conversation.  I like people who don’t care what other people think of them.  I like people who will drop everything to help you–except their newborn infant.  I like people who aren’t so dependent on technology.  Finally, I like people who like people like me.

So I guess that pretty much says it all.  I don’t know.  That’s just what I could think of in this timespan.  But it’s true to an extent.  Most people do suck.  Most of them are superficial, igonrant, and a waste of time.  If they weren’t people would hang out with everybody and we’d all get along.  But we don’t.  When you do find people you can tolerate and may even enjoy spending time with, make sure you keep them close to you.  Because you don’t want to be stuck with someone who you hate.  Oh, oh, oh, oh, and I almost forgot.  I hate televangelists.  Good day.


One Response to Most People Suck

  1. Jennifer says:

    I have a couple more. I hate people who throw their cigarette butts on the ground. I hate people who curse at their kids. These are the people I hate the most.

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