Empowering Yourself

I’ve been reading Steve Pavlina’s Personal Development Blog for over a year now and I’ve come to incorporate him into my daily routine. He, in a way, inspired me to make my own blog and really embrace my passion for writing. I felt that when I initiated this blog, that it would be all comedy and comedy-related items, but I’ve grown quite a bit since then. This is not just a comedy blog. This is a collaboration of my daily thoughts, instincts, and routines. This is me uncensored. I don’t put up a fake front. I don’t say things just to get a laugh. I do it to connect with an audience. But it’s not just about that. It also fulfills me to write and get feedback o n how a particular article helped someone.

Right now I’m in the midst of re-philosophizing my life. I’ve been reading some very interesting literature as of late and it’s starting to make a dent in my consciousness. I haven’t watched more than five hours of TV in the last month, except for the week I had a visitor who was more than happy to just sit there and watch. I’ve tried to improve my diet substantially. I’m trying to naturalize it completely. Fresh fruits and vegetables, homemade juices, rich and hearty whole grains, tasty nuts, and plenty of water. I have been reading on how eating just these essential foods is a blessing for the planet and all of existence, not to mention the massive health benefits. I’ve been slowing things down significantly. By that, I mean I haven’t been working very hard at work, partly because it’s not tourist season, and also partly because I’ve noticed that rushing causes immense stress and no one should ever have to be subjected to it. I’ve learned the value of honesty and trust. I know myself more today than ever before. However, when I first started this ongoing process, it was like meeting myself for the first time.

I started this process off by closely examining myself and all areas of my life. I chose to accept each of them, followed by indicating which parts of my life need work. There were quite a few, but I took the approach that I have my whole life to do this, so there shouldn’t be any rush. The first aspect of my life I chose to revamp was my eating habits. I don’t know what motivated me to do such a thing, but I had heard so many studies that linked diet to well-being and peace of mind. Right now I’m in the midst of working towards a cruelty-free diet. But I’m not completely ready to make the transition yet. I still enjoy some animal products, but I’m moving towards animal-free living. The first thing I decided to avoid was dairy products. To be honest, I never really cared for milk, but I had a feeling it would he hard to give up cheese, ice cream, whipped cream, and yogurt. But I avoid them now as much as possible. They really don’t sit will with me, compared to when I don’t eat them.

When it came time to look at my spiritual beliefs, I had some sort of baseline I was more on the agnostic front, meaning I believed in a God or supernatural being, but was not completely sure of its nature. As a matter of fact, I thought nature was the being. Mother Nature and the energy force the world has in it. Then I was introduced to this belief system that explains quite a lot of different situations. It’s called subjective reality. Here’s how it works: There is only one, distinct, shared consciousness. I am that consciousness. My thoughts have power to change things or keep them the same. My dominant thoughts are what creates my reality. Everyone and everything is a projection of consciousness. I am not just my body, but everything I directly experience. There was also the notion about whether or not people exist when you’re not aware of them. How can you prove it? You can’t because it order to prove this, you would have to become aware of the person or object you’re thinking about. This doesn’t mean that it’s true, but it has to remain open as a possibility.

When we’re born, we’re told the world works a certain way. As a child, we sit through all kinds of lectures in classrooms for six hours a day, being fed mostly propaganda that states you have to work hard to be successful, you need to study hard to do well on tests, you need to be independent instead of interdependent. We’re told of something called success and something called money, both foreign concepts to us at the time, and we believe whatever someone says about it because we don’t know any better. And these thoughts become our beliefs. For example, a child brought up in a Catholic family is instilled with beliefs about heaven and hell, birth and death, Jesus Christ, and the Almighty God. We believe it because we don’t know any other belief system. And since the foundation has been formed for these beliefs, you stick with them. Maybe even for your whole life. Why? Because actually questioning your beliefs and eventually dumping them will destroy all the hard work and long hours you invested into this belief system and it would take a time of confusion and desperation as you look for another way to find meaning in your life.

You sometimes have to go down to move on to a higher level. Let’s take the Catholic example. You’ve been Catholic for thirty years and you find you only go to church because you don’t want other people wondering why you’re not there. It becomes a habit, a routine. It has no real meaning to it. So you want so desperately to leave as this ritual no longer fulfills you. But you wait years to make the move. You research other religions, you look inside yourself to find some sort of way to cope with life. But you still go to mass every Sunday and listen to the things you no longer believe in. Then one day you stop. You stop going. People are calling you up frantically, “Where are you?” And you try so hard not to break their hearts, but you have to say it, “Going there doesn’t fulfill me anymore. I need to find something better.” You worry about the gossip, and other people outside of your awareness mocking you, wondering where you are this week. But you’re creating that. You thinking about that is a creation of what you fear.

But let’s say you get turned on to the whole subjective reality concept along with the Law of Attraction. The Law of Attraction states that your dominant thoughts are what manifests. So if you have conflicting thoughts about getting married, your dominant ones will find a way to manifest, either by a cancellation or through a messy divorce/annulment. In this type of belief system, you no longer care what people think about you because they are also a part of you. So if someone thinks you starting your own business is a bad idea, it’s only because part of you feels the same way. And I find this model to be quite accurate. And it’s very empowering because it forces you to take complete responsibility for your own life and the lives of others. And you can go two ways. Either negative or positive. You can either think good about other people or badly, but by doing so, you’ll only perpetuate the reputation of those people. People who hate others really hate a part of themselves. I definitely feel this way when it comes to me. Which is why I am trying to move myself in harmony with loving all of nature, all of the universe. Because by doing that, I will come to completely and fully love myself.

I’ve come into contact with the concept of unconditional love. If you believe that everything is a projection of your consciousness, you will indeed love everything in your awareness unless you don’t actually love yourself that much. But this isn’t loving yourself from the ego perspective, but just a form of universal acceptance and appreciation for everything you’ve created. I’m still laying the groundwork for this belief system, but my passion and motivation are sky-high when I apply it directly to the task at hand. This is not a paper written for a specific audience, but just the self-expression of an amazing feeling I have from within. Things are looking my way, our way.

It’s the whole saying “Do one to others as you do them to yourself.” This is true to the last word. If you help others, in this belief system, you’re actually helping yourself. The same goes for the negative. This sort of thinking should erase all fear and doubt. If you have the ability to create whatever kind of life you want, then go out there and do it. If you want to overcomplicate things, then be my guest, but the way I see the world will bring me some interesting results.


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