Politics and the Barter System, Part I

I’d like to start this post out by giving a shoutout to everyone who believes in the right to not vote.  I have never in my life seen a candidate that’s worth voting for.  I’m looking for someone who thinks beyond political parties, beyond liberal and conservative, and just is as truthful and honest as a person can be.  None of these fake promises and bullshit excuses.  I want a guy who will strive to better our nation as a whole, as well as collaborately fixing the entire state of the planet to an extent that we all end up saving our species to live at least another thousand years, if that is at all possible. 

Whether or not anyone like this will ever come along is completely up to one person.  The person who eventually will do the impossible.  But I have a distinct feeling that someone of this nature will have a hard time winning votes.  Not because he doesn’t have a distinct and wonderful purpose, but because most people will write him off as one of those lying politicians who only use these promises as a springboard into a do-nothing term.  But in a world like this today, where most people are hostile towards one another and there is no real, fathomable truth out there that people can grasp with their own two hands and say, “Yes, this is what I’ve been searching for!”  It’s all a matter of what we’ve seen in our past and that invariably effects what we will expect in the future.  We only expect more of the same because, by thinking about the past, we create more of it.  It’s the whole “History repeats itself” method of thinking.

If we can ever move beyond that, beyond the fact that we have to vote in our selective parties and never really question if the system we have now is worthless.  There has been no betterment of the electoral college in over 250 years, but why?  It hasn’t worked completely effectlvely, but we seem to not care.  So what if it doesn’t really reflect the nations votes as a whole?  It doesn’t matter.  It’s just four years.  That’s the worst kind of attitude to have.  I’d rather be under Fidel Castro and hate it then be under this sort of “Democratic” society and agree with everything that happens. 

I have big problems with many parts of society.  But I mustn’t talk solely about them.  I’d like to brush on the whole money theory.  Whenever the thought of money came about, it must have been one of the most unsettling times in human history.  Before money, we had the barter system.  We lived in thriving communities where each person played an integral part.  We had a farmer, a cobbler, a locksmith, an entertainer and we all trades services.  But people got greedy.  They would think, “How can I get more for the services I provide?”  So we ended up inevitably inventing money, something that almost completely isolates us from the rest of the world because once we have enough money, we no longer really need anyone’s services, so we simply just buy whatever we want and if we want butlers or chauffers, we pay them, but it’s not the same as the barter system.  I think the barter system was great.  A simple concept that worked for many years and would still work today if we gave it a chance.  There would be no stock market, no Dow Jones, none of thiese “get rich quick” schemes.  It would be all about providing personal and unique value to one another in exchange for the other person’s values in a community setting, which means you would ultimately receive much more than you give, but it would be true for everyone. 

Besides a select few, I don’t think many people are ready for such a radical shift.  But there are some people who sometimes think this way.  It’s just a lot more peaceful and there are reputations to be built and close-knit friendships and trust that can never be built on those green pieces of paper we spend so much time trying to acquire.  There’s a lot you can do with those green bills, but they’re not going to inspire you.  There’s no way that money alone can motivate you.  If there is someone who will do anyting to make money, I’d invite such a person to come to my house and clean the sewage drains for fifty dollars.  Trust me, the barter system will work miraculously if we applly it today, but who will be the person to initiate it?  We shall see.

If we can establish these self-sufficient communities in an effective manner, we will also crush all of the corporations and credit card companies that we seem to be slaves to.  There will no longer be full-time jobs or work-related stress.  We will all find our passions, pursue them intelligently, and give whatever we have to the rest of our community.  We will embrace others as they are and not who we expect them to be.  But it will take conscious effort of many people to do this, and I don’t exactly see that happening at this particular moment in history, but I do feel that it is inevitable.  It will happen or we will most likely be doomed to extinction in the very near future.  I just remembered I have to go to work tomorrow at 12 PM, so I will maybe write again when I come home around ten or so about this in greater detail.  Thanks for listening and I hope you enjoyed part one.


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