An Enlightening Conversation

Yesterday I had an extremely enlightening conversation with a fellow brain tumor survivor.  He works at the same store I do and is the most positive guy I have ever met.  He is constantly in a good mood and is always trying to get the customers to smile.  Sure, he can be quite annoying to those who don’t share the same feeling of sure joy, but it holds true because I’m one of the only people who reallly talks to him in a complex way.  So yesterday, we started talking and, seeing as we have similar experiences, he told me this: “I now have an enlightened perspective on life.  I am bursting with joy every minute of my existence.” Then he went on to tell me a story about how his surgeon was not sure whether or not my coworker was going to survive the operation.  It was an extensively intrusive surgery, much like mine was (with 64 stitches in the back of my head).  But supposedly the doctor came out to my coworker’s parents and said the following, “I do not know how I performed this surgery.  It did not even feel like it was me.  It felt like I was an outside observer and something was guiding my hands into the correct positions to carry out this surgery in an effective manner.  It was nothing short of a miracle that he survived and I know that something divine was at work.” I don’t think I’ll ever forget that.  I really don’t.  Sure, his tumor was worse than mine and he told me he had eight brain surgeries.  Eight.  I had three, but one was an emergency one and another was simply poking a hole in a ventricle.  But Mr. R, as I’ll call him, was a real trooper.  He just has this insane positive outlook on everything. and it’s similar to the feeling I had when I first got over my tumor.  But now I’m getting back to that feeling.  To think that I could be dead had I been born in a different time period where there were no neurosurgeons, makes me feel so lucky.  But he is a stunning example of who we all strive to be.  Someone in total joy, at total peace with themselves, someone that I honestly can say I’m proud to have met. I don’t know if you believe that everything happens for a reason, because I sure do.  The fact that I had a brain tumor is something I see as a definite blessing.  I asked my coworker the same thing and he responded with, “Absolutely.”  As you can see, he feels the same way.  And I thank the universe for showing me someone like this because it totally revamps my passion and motivation.  It gives me a reason for still being here.  It’s like the universe said, “I’m going to let you live, now let’s see what you can do with it.”  I’m up to the challenge.  I hope you have  a peace-filled day.


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