Sleeping Less

I seem to be waking up earlier lately.  I guess this means it leaves me time to really write.  I’ve been waking up around 9 or so and I usually et to bed around 1-2 AM.  So, the way I see it, I might be adapting to having a healthier diet or something.  There is a truth about how waking up earlier is definitely conducive to productivity.  I know that anything I do late at night is never very productive, yet I tend to stay up if I’m on my computer, for maybe hours doing really nothing.  I’m on the verge of falling asleep with the only thing keeping me awake is the background noise from my computer.  But I’m going to make a radical shift here.  I’m going to try to start going to bed earlier, maybe 11 or so, so that way I can possible wake up around 6-7 AM and go to the gym in the morning or something.  There’s  a free gym I go to in my development about half a mile away and it’s a good walk to get there, but it’s worth it because now they have new equipment.  It’s opeining on Friday, so that might not be a bad day to get down there and check it out, although they’re having a grand opening cocktail party at like 5, so I don’t know if it will be officially open at 7 AM on Friday or if it’s open only after that party.  But I feel like getting up earlier will allow me to do more things that involve time-bound events.  Like I can’t go to that gym at midnight because it’s closed, but if I use the extra hours I spend awake on my computer doing essentially nothing except reading and wasting time to use the gym or go for long walks, it will inevitably affect my health. 

It’s a thought definitely taking into consideration.  For some reason or another, I’m putting the comedy on hold a tad.  I’m looking into discovering my true passion right now, and comedy is a facet of this passion, but writing seems to be the main passion I see right now.  Not just organized articles and reserach papers.  I enjoy creative writing and journaling.  Journaling is one of my favorite things to do, especially when I do what I like to call an “unedited rant,” which means I just write directly from my subeconscious and my thoughts flow so fast I can hardly catch up.  there are usually many typos, but the ideas are usually really profound.  I usually gain great clarity when I do something like this. 

But being early to rise will allow me to get these sort of things done before I get started on my day.  I like to wake up, write down any dreams I might have had, then move to searching different blogs, then eating some breakfast, then I don’t know what I do because it’s varied.  But in the varied area, I would like to add some sort of workout routine, whether it be running, walking, working out, or a combination of the three.  I’m sure it will be a good way to pass the time.  The biggest problem that I have with exercise is the fact that there’s no real reason to do it.  Here’s my philosophy.  Years ago, exercise was a necessity becausse we needed to do these tasks in order to survive.  We needed to catch our meals, we needed to run from dangerous animals if we lived in a forest.  Now we have no real need to move fast, except to tone our bodies, which is good, but there’s no intrinsic motivation besides energy boosts, but having an energy boost won’t really do too much for me, as I’m not a driven person.  I’m all about relaxation.  So it’s a weird contradiciton.

I’m not sure what I should definitely allot this time to.  I noticed when I was in college, whenever I was forced to wake up early, I definitely got a lot more done and it wasn’t rushed.  So maybe waking up earlier will allow me to do things that promote relaxation.  Like maybe I couldwork on my goals and intentions and work on manifesting them in an easy and relaxed manner, in a healthy and positive way, in its own perfect time, for the highest good of all.  I could definitely work on that and kind of put a structure into my days, well most days.  I like to take little mini-retreats every once in awhile.  Like today, I doubt I’ll accompish much as I have to heal my mind, body, and spirit.  I’ve worked five days straight and it’s not that it takes a toll on me because I’ve been relaxing at work as well, but it’s good to wake up every once in awhile and have nothing to do.  It really makes me feel better.

 Today I’m most likely going to go for an extended walk on the golf course near my house.  It will be a nice, trail-guided walk where I can just observe the sights and sounds of the course and just take some mental time off.  I need this kind of thing every once in awhile.  I’m even making significant mental breakthroughs at work when I’m a bagger because there is so much alone time (getting carts, cleanups, go-backs, etc.).  So I’ve been making breakthroughs on a regular basis and I feel like I’m really getting up there. 

I think the best use of the time is to get back to my true nature.  I’ve been moving towards this and been having creative sparks of genuis.  If I’ve written any comedy jokes, they’re much more creative and Steven Wright-esque, but they’re even more outlandish.  I’ve always been creative, but I think I stifled it for awhile because the world says you have to grow up and forget about this stuff.  My next creative enterprise is to try to find unique and fun ways to make money.  The object is to make maybe $100 dollars a month this way.  If I can do that, I can definnitely expand this figure and eventually make enough money to support myself.  We shall see how that works, but I’m defnitely optimistic about it. 

But these are all good things to undertake and I have the time.  It’s not like I don’t have spare time.  I just have to take away the mindless activities I do now, like watching TV at all, which I’ve reduced to the point of less than 2 hours a week.  There’s nothing on there for me, except South Park, which is the only show that still inspires me to watch it.  You can read about that here.  So that will definitely do something for me. 

But I remember coming home and my mom and brother were watching the elections.  It was funny because there was a bottom line of who won and lost, much like the thing on ESPN, so it was almost like they were looking for game scores or something.  “Oh, Sanford won!  Good.”  It was just funny to me.  Just thought I’d bring that up as well.  Good day.


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