Dreaming of the Future

Who here has ever wondered what it would be like to dream constantly?  You constantly have your dreams and aspirations in your mind.  You never let them go.  You are constantly reaffirming where you are headed.  This would be a great way to live, wouldn’t it?

But we don’t live like this in the real world.  We more or less have outside distractions that ultimately take us away from where we want to go.  This is why I am definitely trying harder every day to limit my distractions or enhance my way of dealing with distractions.  This way, I will be able to handle anything that comes my way. We’re all going somewhere.  Some people are going to do something big with their lives, while others leave those decisions up to others, but inevitably you are in control of your life, to some extent.  Sure, there are outside influences, but I think being able to deal with these circumstances that makes you a success.

You hear stories about people who triumph over adversity.  We here them all the time.  And there was usually one driving force in all of these people.  They refused to give up, even after a major setback.  They had a vision in their mind of what should be and they knew it was impossible to fail, eventually. And this is the mindset that is desirable.  We want to have a mindset of inevitable success, but sometimes fear or other internal or external influences hold us back.  But if we take personal responsibility for our lives, then we can work from there. 

If you’re at an unfulfilling job, it’s because you put yourself there.  If you hate your boss, it’s because of your attitude towards him/her.  There are two ways to look at the world.  There’s the optimistic way and the pessimistic way.  There’s the people who will quit after one failure and then there ar ethe people who keep pressing on, even after dozens of failures.  It’s not because they’re already successful, but it’s because they have the mindset of already being successful.  I think that’s the key.

One of my goals for the next five to ten years is to make one million dollars.  It’s definitely attainable and if I really focus on it and not the opposite, I know I can do it.  Many other people have, so why not me?  And I’m not doing it for greed.  I’m doing it for freedom and to be able to express myself in different ways, regardless the amount of money it generates.  I want to try interesting projects and different schools of thought.  I want to work very extensively with my creativity and see where the limits are.  There are so many things I want to do, and I’m doing some of them now, but eventually, I hope to have enough money where I can pursue all of these things all the time without having to worry about covering my survival needs.

No matter how much money I have, I don’t think my lifestyle will improve with respect to material possessions.  I will be much more giving, I suppose, to causes I care about and to people in my family.  I will be able to take the people I care about out to dinner and be able to talk about what I’m doing with all this “free time.”  But it won’t be free time.  It will be time I fill with many rigorous activities that will allow me to be even more of who I am.  So, let me state my goal in bold italics at the bottom of this post so they really stand out:

 I intend to be a millionaire so that I can give more to causes I support and also my family, to explore my creativity and pursue projects that fulfill me, and also to have the freedom of not having a regular job. (I know I’m not normal.  So having a normal job doesn’t seem like an option, now does it?)


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