Fear Kills the Mind

Here’s something I’ve just come to realize. Human beings are the only species that kills their own species for no reason and rejoices in the fact that they killed them. It is almost like our whole society based on war and ownership of land has completely turned us into worse than all animals. Some animals kill other animals for food. And that’s part of nature, but we kill our own species for power, lust, greed, and a sense of security. We kill for no reason whatsoever. We have no intention of preserving life. The people in power are mentally ill, schizophrenic to an extent. They’ll find a way to get the nation in support of war, even if civilian casualties occur in the remote country we’re off to bomb mercilessly. It’s almost as if we don’t care anymore. We don’t care about anyone but ourselves. News from other countries pales in comparison to what the latest celebrity is wearing. They use all this media of celebrities and fear-based news to keep us complacent. Fear is the killer of the mind. And they all know that. If they keep us in fear, they know they can gain power over us. And if they increase this level of fear over time, they could have us all going to war to kill people who most likely are no threat to us. But the fact that they have us all rooted up in fear is what makes it possible for us to make this move. They fill our heads with propaganda and bad news about other countries to somehow justify their eventual warfare on that nation. And you never see the other side. It’s always about what they want you to see and hear.

People follow along with this, too. They believe everything they hear and they will do exactly what five or six people in power want them to do. All the negative things in the world are created through some sort of fabrication of paranoia, which leads to us feeling like we’re in danger, when realistically we are nowhere near being in danger. I just wish more people would come onto this way of thinking because it’s getting to be insane. I can even see our government fabricating terrorist attacks on our nation in the near future. I’m not sure if anything of the like has happened yet, but I’m sure it might have, and it is a definite tactic for the future, no matter what the cost. It’s not about the people. It’s about the retention of power. But these people will only remain in power as long as we eat the things we are fed. We’re not sold lies, we buy the lies they give to us. And we not only believe them, we act on them, not knowing that what we are acting on has no real value.

So I guess it’s pretty prevalent why I do not associate myself with the rules of society or the fear-based ways of thinking. I just can’t bring myself down to that level again after experiencing nothing with fear. If you can transcend fear, then you’ve really taken away their power. But people are creating new things to be afraid of every day. Why would a country create biological and chemical warfare? To keep other countries in fear. Why else? “Don’t mess with us because if you do, we’ll kill all of you.” That’s the mindset of these countries. I find it so excruciatingly painful that army soldiers and generals can go to war, kill five thousand people, and not stand trial for their murders. Yet, if someone accidentally kills someone in a car wreck or something, they could face up to twenty-five years in jail. It’s just not logical. A serial killer pales in comparison to someone who goes into a country with the sheer purpose of taking it over, by killing thousands of people and even displaying them up on a stage as they behead them. It’s all relative, really. We’re all going to die sooner or later, so I don’t know why we allow this fear-based thinking or non-thinking to rule our lives. If we accept the fact that the world is a dangerous and fearful place, then it will be one in our minds. And we will filter out all the good we see and concentrate solely on the bad, which will reinforce our feelings of a terrible world. And the cycle continues to grow stronger. The world makes sure only the people who are of this evil and dark intention will ever make it into power. And when someone who doesn’t follow this is put into power, like John F. Kennedy, we find a way to assassinate him. And you see how terrible the world seems, but in reality, the only way it seems that way is because we are all conditioned to think that way. So if we drop the propaganda this world has been feeding us, then maybe we’ll be able to overcome this security conundrum.

And the fear is toxic. Look at all the diseases there must be right now. All these people with anxiety and stress-related conditions that totally run their lives. It’s a great market for the drug industry, I’m sure. “Let’s see how much money we can make from all these new conditions we created.” It’s a damn shame, but it’s the truth. I’m sure it’s much worse now. Poverty-stricken people in the streets begging for change or food and there’s the fat cat aristocrat who won’t spare even a dollar to the hungry or the food retention challenged, or whatever bogus word the government will come up with to euphemize starving.

This are just some instantaneous thought I had after watching the 2012 thing, which was over 3 1/2 hours long.  I fell asleep 2:30 through it, so I missed the last hour, but it was pretty good.  Here’s the link:  Click here.  I just hope you have four hours to spare…intersting stuff, though.


2 Responses to Fear Kills the Mind

  1. chad says:


    Just started to read your comments and found them interesting but lacking a basis in reality. We are the only animals that kill for reasons other than food, but that’s simply because we are more intelligent. Sounds idiotic, however if animals had the knowledge we did they also would inherit both the benefits and curses of it. They don’t do what they do because of morality, they do as they do because they don’t know any better. Also animals DO kill for reasons other than food. In actuality for many of the same reasons we do. They kill for the right to mate, for intrusions of territory, for dominance in a group, and in certain situations to control breeding within a family (Merkats do this). If they had the “knowledge”, they would probably start killing for “fun” or one of the many forms of hatred man loves so much to demonstrate.

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