Job Titles and Message: Edited

I just read an article called The Medium vs. The Message on Steve Pavlina’s site. It explained how some people define themselves through a job title or as a blogger, which is empty in itself as defining yourself as a medium and not by your message is very limiting because you don’t really show the value you provide by doing this. If you say, “I’m a lawyer,” you’re not really giving a concrete example of who you are. You’re more saying the medium in which you work. And this is something that can give a false representation of who you are and what you do, and will be an empty shell because a medium in general is empty without a message to fill it. I wake up much earlier than I used to. I’ve heard so much how waking up early is so good for you, so I decided to make it a habit. Eight o’clock right now is the time I wake up. However, waking earlier than that may inhibit my sleep time at night, so for now I’m going to stick with eight o’clock or if I wake up earlier, then. It wasn’t that hard to do this, either. I just set an alarm away from my bed, so it forces me to get up and go over to turn it off. I use a cell phone alarm, so I never really know what time it is, so if I wake up, I get up, oblivious to the time. As long as it’s not dark outside, I’m okay. I can usually fight off a cold or any other sickness now because I’ve become more immune due to my new habits, but right now I am a little sick. It’s the first time in maybe eight or nine months this has happened, so it’s just a freak accident, I think. But I’ve been pretty healthy in that regard and I have to credit it not just to my diet, but my mental state of being. I have been at peace and have been relaxed for a long time now and it’s really helped my creativity in a large way. I’ve totally gotten rid of the “rat race” mentality and focused primarily on doing what comes natural to me. So far so good… What does this mean about the message vs. the medium? i feel that what I do has to do with different aspects of my life. If you limit yourself to defining yourself from one aspect of your life (i.e. your job), then you neglect other parts of your life, I guess I’ll say. But all these businesspeople say you should pick a focused niche when doing your career… That’s only true in a profession where everyone is a carbon copy of everyone else and there’s so much normality it would make me vomit. You are unique, so you should bring your unique capablilities and personality to everything you do. Have a nice day. So as I use the blogging medium to express myself and show that if you limit yourself to just one medium or define yourself by that medium, then you’re not really telling the whole story. If someone comes up to you and says, “I’m a teacher,” does that really explain their entire existence? Does it give you any insight into the kind of person they are? It may give some sort of insight, but it will not allow you to really know what these people live for. Another thing is that using the medium to define yourself limits you from realizing how to use your message in other ways. If you’re constantly reinforcing the lawyer medium and you get a chance to do something else that’s not related to lawyering, and it would most likely be a good experience, then you may not choose to do it because it’s not in harmony with your job title. This is why I find that when people ask me what I do for a living, I simply say, “I stinulate minds and try to make people think, while at the same time laugh.” I’ve been into personal growth for awhile, ever since I had a brain tumor. That was the first spark of growth that started this thing. Then I grew a beard, and now I’m starting to grow internally. And it’s a pretty rapid pace. But I enjoy it to some extent. The place in which I feel it’s really made a difference is in my clarity of thinking and being able to write for hours without being bored. I don’t succumb to the usual mental distractions that plague all of us at one time or another. It’s a great feeling so far. But it’s more than that. I’m starting to make quantum leaps forward in many areas. I’ve drastically improved my diet and eat a variety of fruits and vegetables I would have never tried before. I’m hooked on kiwis. I also have been eating smarter, meaning less in calories, but more in nutrients. I’ve even looked into an all-raw diet in the near future if I ever want to try it.

 Edit:  it seems like every time I put a link on any blog post, it erases half of my post, so the rest of it was mysteriously lost in the ether.  The basic message was that there is no job title for your life.  You are a unique person and you bring a unique quality to everything you do, so don’t limit yourself by calling yourself by your job title, but by the kind of person you are.  Now, if I could only figure out how to stop this inherent depletion of data from continuing.  I’ll most likely have to start typing these in a Microsoft Works Document, which is actually just as risky.  But at least I’ll have a dual copy of it. 

So the main message is to be yourself and don’t let labels define yourself.  No label can be put on the vast experiences you’ve had that are not like anyone else’s.  If you can remember that, I’ve done my job.  If you can’t, you may want to look into memory improvement techniques…


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