To Go Raw or Not To?

I found this great website called Living Foods.  It’s a website about an all-raw diet.  By raw, I man nothing is cooked whatosever.  It only makes sense because heat obviously destroys food to some extent, taking out some of the nutrients.  But the fact that food becomes slightly toxic when cooked is another factor that I am really looking intro.  After eating a gigantic Thanksgiving feast, I felt awfully tired afterwards, which is something I really shouldn’t feel after eating a meal.  I should feel energized and ready to rumble.  But I didn’t.  I felt more tired than I did before I ate at all.  So maybe this is not the optimal ways of eating.  Maybe raw is the way to go.

Some o the articles on Living Foods (see link above) were very persuasive, and I’m curious to try something like this, but it will not be easy in the place I live now.  I may have to wait a couple of years or I could just do it now for a little while and see how I feel on it.  As long as I make the primary foods vegetables and fruits, along with nuts and seeds.   I’ve heard so many accolades about how it’s an amazing diet from many people, some of which who aren’t part of the whole health promoting field, so it may be worth a shot if I can stick with it.  I’ll have to try it or something.

The main thing that people supposedly derive from such a diet is increased mental clairty, more energy, and they lose weight at an amazing pace.  It’s definitely a good benefits package and it seems as if it is optimal, except I may have to eat some animal fat or something to get Vitamin B12 because a diet like this is completely devoid of any sort of vitamin.  It’s something I’ll have to consider.  I don’t want to have to take supplements or anything.  That’s not how I roll.  Supplements are for the people who are health nuts.  I just want to get all my vitamins naturally…

If anyone has experienced this diet and would wish to comment on it, then go ahead.  I’m not stopping you.  Just give me some insight as to what it means to go raw and how you cope with an unraw society.  So let me know…  Thank you.


2 Responses to To Go Raw or Not To?

  1. […] In a post about whether or not I want to go raw, located here, I talk about how it may be worth a shot trying it out for awhile, but there are so many external pressures in life that totallly take away from your attempt, like going out to eat with family.  People are going to wonder why you’re getting just a salad and all that.  “Why don’t you want to eat like a man?”  Things like that.  But that is not really a problem, just a proposed one.  It hasn’t actually happened to me, but the very thought of it, for some reason, can make me change my diet back to cooked foods.  I’ll have to start figuring out solutions to this problem.  I’ll post in the future about this conundrum.  If that’s how you spell that word.  Later. […]

  2. […] a post about whether or not I want to go raw, located here, I talk about how it may be worth a shot trying it out for awhile, but there are so many external […]

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