Sweet Dreams

I have been having these intensely vivid dreams lately, so vivd, so clear and crisp, they are seemingly real.  And my dream recall is becoming more and more exceptional, as I am frequently remembering three to four dreams per night in dreat detail, meaning each dream fills at least one printed page, single-spaced.  It doesn’t happen every night, but lately, for the last two weeks, it almost has been every night.  They are very odd combinations of things from my past and things that I am thinking now, not to mention some things that occur completely out of the blue, but it gets me wondering whether or not the dream world is an alternate plane, much like the astral plane, through which our consciousness goes while this body is unconscious.

Maybe most people neglect this plane completely, but ever since I became interested in having richer dreams, I have and going to sleep is hardly a burden on my productivity.  I have performed stand-up comedy in my dream several times, and even though the jokes got big laughs in the dream, most of the jokes I come up with in my dream are too abstract to really make an impact on reality, or so I think.  One joke I came up with in a dream was, “Sometimes I just wander around aimlessly for weeks, months, who knows? One day I ended up in Iowa.”  I have no idea why I thought that was funny in my dream, but it was to the dream audience.  I told it to a friend of mine upon waking and then I said, “Well, it was funny in my dream,” and then he started laughing, so I kept the joke with the premise I had a dream I told it. 

But I’m enjoying some of the absurdities in my dream, from boat rides to yacht clubs, from watching illuminated South Park episodes to running with a motorized car slung around my neck by a cord, while it keeps going into oncoming traffic, I have to swing it back to my left side.  This brings me to an interesting topic:

Is subjective reality real?  By the looks of my dreams, on how most of them stem from some sort of previous experience, and that dreams are only really interesting to the person who has them, and if life is sort of like a dream, then maybe subjective reality is real.  How can dreams not be real, to some extent?  And why is it so hard to believe the waking reality is also a dream?  I mean, I’ve had dreams within dreams before and also experienced what’s known as a “false awakening,” where you wake up in the dream from the dream that you had within that dream, you go to do something, like get ready for work, but then you wake up again, in “reality,” to find out you had to wake up twice to actually wake up.  So I can see how this reality could actually be a dream.  And when you’re sleeping, having a dream, reality is just a dream within a dream, but I’m not sure how to actualy wake up from this dream to realize my true nature. 

The best I can do is to become lucid in this dream, able to stretch the boundaries of regular reality where I’m making headway in every direction, messing with the laws of physics, not to mention other great things I would love to try:  flying, invisibility, telekinesis.  These are all possible if this is a dream, because I can actually do those things in my sleeping dreams, so why not in this one?  I just have to believe.

One problem I’m having with respect to sleeping dreams is lucid dreaming, as I’ve only done it maybe two or three times in almost a year, but I guess that’s more than most people, even though I am trying to have more but probably not hard enough.  I mean, it’s great to have them, I”m sure, because I want to try out flying and stuff to see how it works.  Once I master that skill in the dream world, in this dream world I should be able to master it as well.  But I thought I’d share how dreams play a significant part in my life, as they are my life, as are yours.


2 Responses to Sweet Dreams

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  2. […] inkling, this suspicion, that life is some sort of dream.  I’ve discussed this in previous posts, and by realizing this, I’ve gotten this intense feeling of relaxation.  I know that sounds […]

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