So Far, So Good

Well, I am happy to say I just checked my blog stats and I’m up over 3300 visitors total.  I am very impressed with the outreach I’ve created so far, but I believe it’s time to up the ante just a bit.  My main goal in all of this writing about whatever comes to mind is simply to connect with people who I otherwise would never get a chance to connect with.  This blog started out as a comedy-centered report, but it eventually evolved into something I cannot even explain right now, but I am enjoying this progression.

I am writing this post to sincerely thank all of you for reading and commenting on what I’ve written.  I enjoy writing, so getting feedback is important so I can find blind spots I’m overlooking and also become a better writer, philosopher, and thinker.  But I do want to reach a larger audience.  I just have to find a way to do it successfully.  I registered a domain name and I need to learn how to upload the wordpress software onto it and then I will start blogging from there as well.  It would be nice to have that kind of control, wouldn’t it?  I’m not saying WordPress is overly restrictive, just that I would enjoy a larger amount of freedom on my own domain site. 

 I am pleased and thankful for how this blogging activity has gone so far, and I am most definitely going to keep it up.  I am helping others (I hope) as well as helping myself go through realizations that sometimes warp my whole perception of reality, but that’s all right.  We’re all here to find meaning and every day I write about this topic, I come closer and closer to finding this meaning.  I am reading more as well.  Television has become almost non-existent in my life, and reading/writing has filled that void of watching back-to-back-to-back episodes of Law and Order: SVU/CI, or whatever’s on Court TV.   I have been working on my speaking skills, not to mention the fact that my comedy is going along well, even though I do not tend to it quite as often as I should. 

I find I am in a very good place right now, on the cusp of inner peace and an almost complete dissipation of fear.  I’ve been through hell and back in the last four to five years and I am no longer going to let fear hold me back.  I am going to allow myself to go “all out,” do whatever it is I have to do in order to manifest my desires.  I want to make a difference, I really do.  I want to inspire people, show them the positive side of life.  Nothing else fulfills me the way that does.  It’s my “drug” of choice. 

 I notice many times that I could be doing more with this blog, posting pictures and links or whatever, but I find this may interfere with my writing goals, but maybe it won’t.  I find it’s pretty time-consuming to look up a variety of links or pictures, upload them onto the website, and then place it in an opportune place.  But maybe I should do that.  I could start a network of links all over the place.  I’ll have to weigh the pros and cons.

I believe the best thing I can do for this site is start linking articles together.  This will be a very good way to keep people reading longer and get more help.  I’ve just got to stay on my ass and do it, instead of reading or wasting time reading blogs I’ve already read a hundred times.  Well, it’s been good laying out the framework for the future.  Stay tuned for some interesting changes!


One Response to So Far, So Good

  1. Jay H. says:

    I’ve read a lot of blogs with links to their previous posts within their current posts. Personally, I really enjoy the inclusion of those links. I find myself clicking them more often than not if I’m not familiar with the particular topic he or she is referencing.

    It’s really up to you though, if it takes a large amount of time and doesn’t really provide anything positive to the blog it might not be worth it.

    Just my five dollars worth.

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