Creating Your Life

We are all the creators of our own life.  Nothing happens by chance.  Everything that has happened to us is a result of conscious or subconscious thoughts.  We create our own lives by perpetuating thoughts of wealth, health, greed, selfishness, selflessness, and many others.  We only experience things because we believe they are possible.  So if we have this sort of power, how do we unleash it to the fullest extent to create a life that fills us with joy and passion?  How can we get out of a scarcity mindset when we’re certain we won’t have enough money to pay this month’s mortgage payment?  How do you create the life you want without sabotaging yourself with limiting beliefs?

One useful tool, as discussed in the blog entry, Gratitude, states that being thankful for what you already have incorporates a definite higher vibrational intention in your mind.  If you spend your time worrying about what you don’t have, you’ll start a string of negative thoughts that will eventually manifest in your reality.  If you start to bethankful for your life, your family, what material possessions you do have, then you will start to realize that acknowledging what you already have and putting a positive emotion on that will allow you to attain more of what you want.  Here’s the logic behind this:  If you show you appreciate a gift from someone, it brings them joy, doesn’t it?  It will make them feel more inclined to do this again, correct?  He/she knows that if he/she gets you a gift, then you will appreciate it.  I believe the universe works the same way.  So, if you appreciate what the universe has already handed to you,then you open yourself up for new gifts.

I remember reading a book three or four years ago that, at the time, completely dissipated my residual cancer effects.  It was called Creating Power.  and it really showed me the power of positive thought, but I had already suspected this.  But one thing the book introduced to me was thanking the universe for something you want, even if you haven’t received it yet.  Show gratitude for the things you have not yet gotten, and it sort of guilt-trips the universe into giving it to you. 

Affirmations are another way to attract the things you want into your life, but they are time-consuming and repetitive, so if you don’t have that sort of time, I’d suggest just using visualization of what you want whnever you are doing nothing.  Think clearly about what you want and imagine that you already have this.  Then put out the intention to have what you just visualized and you will be on your way to receiving it.  It may take five minutes a day, but don’t sabotage yourself by thinking the opposite the rest of the day.  If you want financial abundance in your life, don’t spend five minutes concentrating on that and the rest of your time concentrating on how you never have enough money.  Your dominant thoughts will manifest.

This is why it is important to not focus on what you don’t have.  Focusing on what you don’t have will create more of not having.  Focusing on what you do have and the intention to expand what you do have, while being thankful for what you have and the opportunity to expand is what will allow you to create more.   But don’t deny what you are already getting.  Don’t do affirmations like, “I am a millionaire,” if you are not a millionaire, because doing that lowers your consciousness.  Say something like, “Every moment I am allowing one million dollars to come to me, as I am thankful for it.”  Something along those lines.  It’s a very intersting process as I have witnesses some truly bizarre ways for money to come into my life.  I may go over these in a future post. 

If you got everything you wanted, what would you do with it?  Would you end up wanting more and more and more, until you completely got out of whack with yourself?  Or would you remain thankful and be content with what you’re already getting?  Here’s what I have noticed:  It is a long process to get what you want completely, sometimes lasting an entire lifetime.  You may say it takes too long sometimes, but how boring would life be if the second you thought about something, it came to you?  And once you had everything, then what?  So, what I am saying is that even though it may take longer than you want to get what you want, allow it to come to you and be patient, even if nothing happens, because eventually, you’ll get what you deserve.  The key is knowing it is on its way, believing that you will attain the things you desire.


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