Government = Evil

I saw a very intersting documentary called America:  Freedom to Fascism, which covered a variety of topics.  The most amazing part of the documentary had to do with how there is no actual law that forces us to pay income tax and that the government is now run by the Federal Reserve, a private bank, which is striving to control the world.  Aaron Russo, the director, editor, and main character in this film, goes from former commsisioner to acting commisioner to show him the law that says they have to pay income tax.  He never gets a law.  Then he visits a juror on a tax evasion case, who says they were going to charge this person as guilty, but then realized the judge would not let them see the law.  They asked for it several times, and the judge responded by saying, “You have all you need.” 

The documentary then goes into how the government granted the Federal Reserve Bank power to print money whenever they want, without anything to back it up, making money more worthless by the second.  One of the worst aspects on this documentary was how the IRS can just seize property without any rhyme or reason or without guilt of any crime.  This one family had all their assets taken away because of false allegations, and they were never even brought to court.  The whole scenerio seems unfair.  How can a government we’re supposed to trust enforce laws that don’t exist?  How is that even remotely possible?  I’ll tell you how.  They do it with brute force, using guns and arresting people who supposedly did not file a 10-40, which is not even a law, and then not allowing the 1913 Supreme Court decision into their defense, saying that Supreme Court decisions are irrelevant.  How sick is this?  Completely disgusting!

It doesn’t end there.  In 2008, the government is striving to come out with a government ID card that has fingerprints, social security numbers, retinal scans, and a list of everything that has to do with you.  Not only that, they are planning to implant every human being and product bought with a very small, miniscule chip, smaller than a grain of sand, so that they can track you, what you buy, where you are at all times, as well as the things you buy.  It even went over how badly the Patriot Act has taken away much of our freedom.  The narrator compared where this is heading to Nazi Germany.

If the banks are in control, we’re all in big trouble.  The government actually allowed this to happen and Congress has actually lost much of its power now that the banks are in control.  The people you see in power are pawns of the banking industry, who are looking to make a world government, so that they can control everything.  They call this a New World Order, which essentially means they are going to have control over the whole world.  And it all starts with these government ID cards, which will allow all of us to be tracked continuously, even moreso than today.

What many of you may or may not know is that the government is already tracking you with a variety of things.  Your credit card, your car, your supermarket club card, and a host of other media I’m not going to get into.  The documentary talked about how George Orwell got it almost completely right in his novel “1984.”  What we are becoming is the exact opposite of a democracy, and it all started with 9/11.  I remember watching a documentary that speculated convincingly that 9/11 was a fraud perpetrated by the government to gain control over the country and to exercise its new-found trust to go into Iraq and Afghanistan to have them become part of a new world order.  There are common threads in many of these documentaries. 

I will bring in one more piece of information I recently had seen on the popular health website:  It was just a small clip, but here is the gist of it.  Why are their poisons in our water supply, our food supply, that are not required to be listed on the food labels?  Why do they use constant pesitcides and herbicides that have neurotoxins in them?  Why is their fluoride in our toothpaste?  Here’s what’s going on.  All of these chemicals are waste products from chemical plants and instead of disposing of them properly, they pass them off as good for you and put them in products that people use on a daily basis.  Why?  Because they are attempting a process of dumbing down society.  By dumbing down society through these neurotoxins, they are making the majority of people heavily dependent on government.  Also, as they are dumbing down, they are not able to see these complex schemes in action and remain completely oblvious to our manipulation. 

So, what can we do to stop this?  We need to all band together, storm the White House and demand answers about income tax, poisoning water, and a host of other things.  Let us see the gold that backs up our money, for Christ’s sake!  I am totally pissed about all of this, but I am not surprised in the least bit.  Please, don’t believe everything the government and media feeds you.  It will ultimately lead to your death.  Thank you for listening.

 Sidenote:  I had already suspected some of this before watching these movies, but this only reaffirmed my belief in power being completely and utterly corrupt to the point of no return.  THis was not the country our founding fathers envisioned.  Look at how terrible our leaders have become, inhumane even.  I’m tempted to go off and live in the mountains somewhere just to get away from this incivility.  I now realize my money has no inherent value and that’s how I sort of felt like in the first place anyway.  I may, indeed, go off into the wilderness to live for awhile and grow my own food and drink my own water, but the world is so contaminated these days I’d have to find a totally untouched area.  Here’s to hoping. 


5 Responses to Government = Evil

  1. Attention Comrades,
    Please visit to learn about our creative protest of the Military Commissions Act.

  2. PAUL FRASER says:


  3. dave says:

    i am totally with you 100% sick of seeing my dad be totured by doctors for cancer . he same people who condone our food. they have been unhappy and fat my whole life. they worked theyre whole life likes slaves to get slaughtered by the people they helped. there is just about nothing untainted to eat in the healthist of super markets. and all along we are fighting these terrorist and the ones that are bombing and killing are loved ones are the evil politicans selling us out to the devil or what ever. they probably waited till most of the ww vets were gone and dead so they wouldnt flip out about killing for such people . very scary stuff. tricked by the devil to believe in god and the commandments and golden rules to take advantage of us. power to the people is garbage

  4. Bryan says:

    I Agree man.

  5. […] is self-sufficient, providing food, water, and shelter for one another without the need for money, taxation without representation, brutal police forces, or fear-based media.  So, if you are into this as well, let me know.  […]

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