Why Get a Job?

I remember watching an episode of the popular animated sitcom, Family Guy, where Peter is looking at his family history and finds out one of his ancestors was a philosopher.  They go to a cut scene of his ancestor, showing him sitting in a chair and his wife says to him, “Why don’t you go out and get a job?   All you ever do is sit here.”  And the philosopher responds, “Why?”

Getting a job is not something most people like to do.  It’s more of a must do.  In order to survive, we need to get a job, supposedly.  A job, something that takes all of your free will away and robs you of any independent thought whatsoever and binds you to a path of indentured servitude.  Why do we feel we need to get one of these jobs to earn a living and why do most of them leave people feeling unfulfilled and apathetic?  Because this isn’t the way we’re supposed to be living.  I’m sorry, but it just doesn’t make sense.  Why should we slave away on someone else’s demands, for low wages, doing something we don’t even feel remotely attracted to doing?

It’s all about our beliefs about life.  If we believe we need to get a job, then we do.  But if we think outside the box, something that’s becoming increasingly familiar to me, then we’re able to possibly define other ways to gain income without being a slave to a domineering boss who can turn off your income in the blink of an eye.  One experiment I’m currently undergoing is to see how much additional money I can generate without any real work, just a collection of my thoughts and actions unrelated to my job.  This will only include doing activities I actually want to do, not the things I don’t want to do (i.e. helping someone move). 

In the last six months, I have made an additional $400 or so dollars, not bad, but I want to expand this to much, much more.  I want to get it to the point where I make $5000-$10000 a month without working at a job.  I need to start applying all of these ideas in my head, the ones that fester around late at night, waiting to come out and live in reality.  I just don’t know what’s stopping me from doing this.  Wait, I may have an idea…

Maybe my beliefs about money is what’s stopping me.  I’m not really sure how I feel about money right now because I know it is inherently worthless compared to other things, and yet we need it for survival, supposedly, although I’d question that.  To survive in society maybe, but not to survive in general.  But I do not think someone who has a lot of money is evil unless that person made the money in dishonest ways.  But I have this association of people in power with lots of money as someone who stepped over at least ten other deserving people to get where they are today.  It’s the win/lose psychology.  If someone is on top, there has to be someone who loses.  Maybe that’s the wrong way of going about this problem.

The biggest part of me not having a job is to allow myself to be true to who I am.  I don’t want to have to conform to boss’s commands, dress codes, and casual Fridays.  Every day should be casual and I should be able to live in a casual manner without having to go to some place where I sell a bit of my freedom for some cash.  I’d more likely wish to spend my time writing, philosophizing, and getting to the core of reality.  Isn’t that a much more worthwhile endeavor than writing a TPS report on bank software?  I’d certainly say so.

So to adopt a win/win way of thinking, where I do what I love and also generate income doing so is a valid goal for me to lean towards, but I would also like the people who buy my intellectual property to also benefit, so it would be more of a win/win/win situation.  If people paid for my product, they’d win by getting valuable information, and I’d win from making  a living doing what I love.  It wouldn’t be “work,” but fun.  Who wouldn’t love to make a decent income doing what they love, rather than going to “work?”  Work isn’t supposed to be fun.  If it was, they’d call it “happy fun time.” 

Working from my heart and soul has been the best thing I’ve ever done, but I wouldn’t call it work.  In the past ten months or so, I’ve done extensive work on myself and questioned a lot of the fundamental beliefs I used to have about reality.  I’ve decided that if there is a purpose in life, an ideal way of living, then I am obligated to go out and find this for myself.  So far, this is what I have come up with:  Write about what you think about.  Try to understand this world around you.  I used to think I knew how the world works.  Now I know I really don’t know anything about the world, but am coming closer to understanding how I want to live, and becoming aware that the social paradigm today is completely broken.

I don’t know how some of these crazy ideas became socially acceptable in today’s world, but they are here today.  I may have to come to terms with some of them, but the whole idea of becoming a career employee with a good pension and all that added security and safety blankets doesn’t make it for me.  Working paycheck to paycheck in some hope of a dream life, just out of my reach, where I know I could be doing more to open the eyes of a dormant public, oblivious to how boring and monotonous their lives have become, how their free will and spirit is broken as soon as they are hired to a job where they surrender all control to some distant authority figure who never complements you, but is quick to criticize.  Is this what life is about?  Well, maybe your life, but I am striving to make this no longer a part of my life.

I long to share ideas with a wide audience, people who accept each other for who they are and are not judgmental.  I want to breathe passion for what I do and help others get to a point beyond the superficial way most of society views the world.  I want to delve deep into every soul and get these people to realize we are all connected and it’s in our best interest to help one another improve oneself to make the world a better place.  And I want people to practice what they preach, mean what they say and say what they mean.  I want there to be no secrets, no lies, and compassion all around.  Why can’t we all just get along?

I feel like the universe is posing a challenge to me.  Make the world a better place, help others do the same.  Show others how to enjoy life once again, as it can end at any moment.  Treat every second as precious gold and use it to work towards a state of pervasive inner peace and serenity.  Don’t let little things get in the way.  Allow them to pass, unnoticed, and grasp the big picture fully without any biases.  This is something I am working towards on a daily basis.  It’s challenging, but I love the journey.  I just hope the ideal world I’m looking for is realized in my lifetime.  I can see seeds of change, but there is still some deceit out there, and evil lurks around once in awhile.  If I can align myself with a higher cause, then I can also encourage other people to do the same, through example and through discussions.  Help me along this path because once you get on it, there will be no leaving.  It’s just too much fun.


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