Alcoholic Beverages

My 21st birthday is coming up and I am not a drinker whatsoever.  I may have had alcohol less than five times in my entire life and it has not been a rewarding experience.  It hasn’t been terribly bad, but it’s not something I would normally do on a regular basis as it does not really have any staying power in my world.  But I do know I will have the right to do it, the choice if I feel I need to, but it will in no way become a regular habit.  I might drink occasional wine for the antioxidants, but the rest of it is just poison.

At the supermarket where I work, I sometimes bag wine with cleaning products to the chagrin of the customer, saying, “Don’t put the wine with the ammonia.”  I say, “Why not?  They’re both poisons.  One is just stronger than the other.”  I do the same with cigarettes, a much more potent toxic substance.  One time I even said to a customer, “Do you want your cancer in a bag or do you want to put it in your purse?” when referring to cigarettes.  It’s not that I’m intolerant of them, it’s just I feel that they could stop doing it and experience a better life.  I like to open their eyes to all the money they’ve wasted slowly killing themselves.

Maybe they just don’t know what they’re contributing to.  The tobacco industry has so much leverage in the government, due to its amzing bout of wealth.  And since they are allowed to legally sell an addictive substance to the public, they have quite a bit of customer loyalty.  And if you ever feel like quitting, you can buy the nicotine patch.  It has a lower dose of nicotine, but eventually, you’ll become addicted to the patch.  And it’s way more expensive.  But eventually you’ll be off the cancer sticks.

The thing I cannot understand is how people will even deny the truth about their vices.  They’ll say things like, “It’s not that bad for my health,” or “I don’t do it that much.”  Who are you trying to prove this to?  Me or yourself?  Of course, if you want to destroy your life with the habitual use of these surprisingly legal substances, then go ahead and be my guest.  Just don’t come crying to me when your lung cancer and liver cancer set in.

This brings me to the idea of being totally responsible for your life.  One of the bette quotes from Buddhism is, “We shrink from suffering, but love its causes.”  A coworker told me this at work and I feel it’s true in these cases.  If you’re suffering with the byproducts of cigarettes and alcohol, it’s so convenient to blame the tobacco and alcohol industries.  It may even alleviate your suffering to some extent because you think it absolves you of responsibility.  But it doesn’t.  You are the one who made the choice to allow these toxic substances into your body, knowingly or unknowingly, so you should be ready to deal with the consequences, even if it does result in your death.  Death is a part of life anyway.

We are already poisoned enough by our food supply, water supply, air supply, toxic chemicals everywhere, enveloping us in a cloud of toxins to insert more of these things into our system.  I read a news story today about a man who accidentally shampooed a woman’s hair with insecticide and she ended up going to the hospital and going into a coma.  Is this really a necessary suffering?  Why did this person have a bottole of inseciticide in his house?  Was her exposure necessary?

So, as I look forward eight days towards my 21st birthday and the full culmination of adulthood by society’s standards, I am aware that I am capable, legally, of embarking on such self-mutilations as drinking alcohol and gambling, but I realize that inviting these into my life will not benefit me in any way, and will actually impair my wonderful body and mind and may even cause me to act irrationally, moreso than I do today.  So why complicate things?

I may have brought this up in a previous post but I recall telling a customer at my work of my 21st birthday and my choice not to drink and she handed me five dollars towards my goal.  I really didn’t know what she expected me to spend it on and I jokingly said to a cashier that I will go guy a bottle of Smirnoff Ice, but I find that people do respect abstainance.  I think it’s when you abstain for the supposed pleasures in life that you really get a good glimpse of who you really are and derive pleasure from not having.  This is why people go into Buddghist temples, devoid of any possessions.  They get more pleasure from haivng nothing than they do of having everything.  Your internal state is far more important than your external one.  And as the days go by, I’m becoming more and more aware of this philosophy. 

“Thare are two kinds of wealth.  One is having the ability to have everything you can possibly imagine.  The other is to need nothing.”  Gary Craig, EFT.

So, I feel that putting things of toxicity into my body will gravely alter my internal state, which has been in a wonderful light for the past couple of months as I am approaching a state of inner peace.  So it is not a sane decision for me to put terrible things into my body at the expense of my health and peace of mind. 


4 Responses to Alcoholic Beverages

  1. laverneandshirley says:

    Don’t drink if you don’t want to drink … your friends should love you … you can be the designated driver!

    But honestly … a nice glass of red wine is delcious! The tannins are antioxidants!


  2. […] I know on my last post I talked about my decision to not drink alcohol and cigarettes as they are toxins.  Well, today I stumbled upon a compelling speech by a doctor, not sure of what his name is, but the link is here, talking about the dangers of fluoride in our water, our totohpaste, and the likes.  I was already aware of this to some extent through Steve Pavlina’s website.  His article is located here.  It’s a chilling story about how fluoride is a toxic waste product from many cmeical and nuclear plants that is highly, highly toxic, just below mercury, and for some reason is put into our water supply and also our toothpaste. […]

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  4. […] know on my last post I talked about my decision to not drink alcohol and cigarettes as they are toxins.  Well, today I […]

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