Speaking of Poisons

I know on my last post I talked about my decision to not drink alcohol and cigarettes as they are toxins.  Well, today I stumbled upon a compelling speech by a doctor, not sure of what his name is, but the link is here, talking about the dangers of fluoride in our water, our totohpaste, and the likes.  I was already aware of this to some extent through Steve Pavlina’s website.  His article is located here.  It’s a chilling story about how fluoride is a toxic waste product from many cmeical and nuclear plants that is highly, highly toxic, just below mercury, and for some reason is put into our water supply and also our toothpaste.

 I don’t want to get too far into it, as I really am not passionate about this sort of thing, but it just gets to me how instead of disposing of these toxic chemicals in a safe way, in a desperate attempt to get rid of them, they hire a doctor paid to say that fluoride is safe in moderate quantities and would be a great addition to our water and tooth care supply. 

 You can watch the documentary I linked you to because I don’t want to say any more.  I didn’t watch the whole thing because I don’t have that kind of time right now.  But it is amazing how sometimes the people in charge, who are seeking control, will put dangeorus neurotoxins in our food and water supply to support the progressive “dumbing down of society.”  The only real way to fight it is through not using these products.  I know my spring water company does not fluoridate their water, or so they say.  You can never be sure.

The most disturbing thing I have ever seen with respect to fluoride after knowing about how poisonous it is was when I saw a woman buying something marketed as “baby water,” which contained extra fluoride.  Extra.  Imagine the havoc the fluoride could wreak on such a small, innocent child who has no idea of the dangers.  How can we let this go on.  Of course, I didn’t say anything to her because I did not want to offend her because I’m most certainly certain that she thinks fluoride is safe, as does most of our unsuspecting country. 

Am I surprised?  Not really.  I know what our government is capable of.  I understand how they manipulate us.  So even though we live in supposedly a great country, we’re not really free.  We think we’re free, but the government is taking many steps to control us.  Placing these toxins in our system is a great means to control us.  If they have us in a semi-healthy state, one in which we cannot think clearly, have nagging health problems, and are poisoned on a daily basis, we’ll be too distracted and too weak to rise up against them.  It’s not complicated.  They want to make sure the people in power stay in power because there will be no one smart enough to revolt, to figure all of this out. 

So what should you do about this?  It’s up to you.  I know in my heart that I could live in a community-based way of life, that is self-sufficient, providing food, water, and shelter for one another without the need for money, taxation without representation, brutal police forces, or fear-based media.  So, if you are into this as well, let me know.  Also, read the How to Save the World essay by Dave Pollard.  I really enjoyed it to the extent I comprehended it.  So let’s live in peace and harmony not contant control.  Peace to everyone.


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