Eating Healthier the Lazy Way

Now, I know everyone wants to be healthy.  We all want to have good vitality and vigor.  But sometimes, it’s so damn inconvenient to cook up a big healthy meal, isn’t it?  To chop all the vegetables, to mince the garlic, to crush the tomatoes.  So what’s a good alternative?  Well, I’ve been perusing various websites, and what I’ve come across is a blended salad is one key component to eating healthy without using up much of your time.  Here’s how it works:  You take lettuce, carrots, celery, maybe an avocado, and other vegetables that would normall go in a salad, tomatoes and such, and place them in a blender.  Use the celery or carrots as a plunger to push all the veggies down to the blade and then let the blender blend them, too.  Once it is all blended, you can pour it into a bowl and enjoy.

I’m sure it will not look appetizing and you may consider not eating it, but try it.  It’s good, believe me.  It may not be perfect on your first try, but experiment with different ingredients to make your ideal salad and then blend it.  No chewing required.

One thing I’ve really been wanting to do is liquify most of my diet.  Puree all the fruits and veggies so they are easily absorbed and I will not spend so much energy digesting all of them.  Not only that, I don’t have to waste time chewing all of it.  I’ll still get all the nutrients I need from it, as well as be able to save time and energy.  It will also push me towards a raw diet, which is supposedly the best possible diet around, seeing as the foods are not destroyed by cooking.  Now all I have to do is buy a blender.  I feel it will be a worthwhile investment, though. 

I may even eat this sort of concoction two or three times a day for optimal health.  It’s a much better alternative than a burger or chicken parmesan, with much less calories as well.  I’ll test out different recipes and see what works for me.  I may even throw in a piece of chocolate (for the antioxidants).  Wouldn’t be a bad idea.


2 Responses to Eating Healthier the Lazy Way

  1. Rebecca Beltran says:

    I just wanted to put in my few cents here. I come from a Seventh Day Adventist background, a group who has been studied and found to live 7-8 years longer than the average person.

    “I don’t have to waste time chewing all of it.”

    When considering an all liquid diet, remember that letting saliva mix with the food is an important part of starting the digestion process. Even though the food is already in small pieces, by drinking all of your food as quickly as you can, you might be shooting your digestion in the foot.

    For your blender, check out the VitaMixer. A regular blender might work just as well, but I have a hunch that the VitaMixer keeps the nutrients in a better state for digestion. I believe Steve Pavlina talks about it somewhere.
    Happy healthy eating!

  2. Also, drink lots of green tea.

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