Becoming a Millionaire

Steve Pavlina’s new podcast, entitled Faster Goal Achievement, was something I really needed to hear, as it was reinforcing the way I was thinking with respect to goal achievement.  I was thinking that if you want something to happen, like a goal of some sort, the only way it will ever manifest is if you make some part of it true right now.  Making your goal in the present will allow the result to come to you much faster.

Steve Pavlina gives a concrete example about how some people he knew that were rich used to carry what he thought was a large sum of money in their wallets, when they thought it was nothing because they had so much money.  So the first thing Steve did was go to the ATM machine and make it so he had $200 dollars in his wallet.  Eventually, he upped the amount of money, and got to the point where when he had $200 in his wallet, he needed a “refill.”  He was thinking the same way about his bank account, where if he has $10,000 in there now, he would think that was a lot, but as a millionaire, it’s a tragedy.  So, if you think the way the millionaires do, you’ll be opening yourself up for opportunities to become one.

I used a similar approach in steps to gain some sort of inner peace.  Sometimes I would be jarred by external events, possibly at my work or otherwise, and I would get stressed out.  I would visualize a time and place where I would always maintain that inner peace, but it always seemed so far off in the distance.  So I decided to make inner peace part of my life–now.  Whenever I felt stressed or angry, I would immediately take a couple of deep breaths and then usually burst out laughing at how trivial the situation was that was making me stressed.  I found the deep breathing extremely rewarding as well.  It was almost if I was high on oxygen.

Supposedly, for your intentions to manifest, you have to become a vibrational match for your intention, meaning you have to align yourself with the mindset and take the actions that will allow you to achieve whatever goal you have.  Becoming a millionaire is a solid goal for me, and even though I sometimes have negative thoughts towards money, I realize that it’s not the money that’s evil, but the purpose behind making the money, or the people who control the money, who are evil.  So, if you are going to use your money for good causes, for the highest good of all, being a millionaire is a wonderful thing.

So it’s not like I really have any excuse to not make this amount of money.  With this sum of money, I could help the world become a better place.  I would be able to devote all my time to my mission of opening people’s eyes and also making them laugh in the process.  I have to set my mind up for millions and they will come to me.  I am going to possibly build a website, an entire website, with all the different categories and whatnot, but I just need to build my technical skills to figure out how to do such a thing.  I’ve registered a domain name, and it has been dormant for four months now, mostly because I got intensely frustrated when I couldn’t upload the blogging software on there while following the instructions. 

I will figure out what is going on, though.  I just have to work on a common theme for my website.  I have to have original ideas that change the way people think.  I need to inspire.  I have stories to tell.  I have beaten brain cancer.  If I can do that, making millions of dollars should be a piece of cake.


14 Responses to Becoming a Millionaire

  1. Thanks Andrew,

    I really enjoyed this post for some reason, it’s lifted my spirits a bit and given me a nice new perspective on creating abundance.

    Lots of love,

  2. Liara Covert says:

    Hi Andrew.

    I think its absolutely amazing that you beat brain cancer. That demonstrates not only the power of your will to live, but also your incredible potential to inspire others to beat their own discouraging odds. You can help people put their own situations into perspective and show them they have good reason to believe in themselves. I would very much look forward to reading a longer version of your personal story. By creating value for others and sharing your own documented life experience, I have no doubt many new kinds of abundance will come into your life. You will reap the seeds you sow.

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