Against the Grain

Taking the road less traveled.  Going against the grain.  Not subscribing to social conditioning.  If someone does it, I’m most likely not to do it.  I don’t do it to be different, I just find most of the things people do to be stupid and uninspired.  People who go out and buy a high-definition TV because they think it will make their life that much better.  The people who go out and buy an iPod so they can listen to every song they’ve ever heard, all avaliable on one piece of portable technology.  The people that do things to “fit in” rather than do them because they feel right.  I can’t be like one of those people, the people who pretend to like going to fancy restaurants with dishes they can’t pronounce and a utensil alignment they can’t quite figure out.  I’m not going to pretend to be one of these people.  I’m not.

I don’t just accept things the way they are, I wonder why they are the way they are.  I ask questions, I inquire.  I extrapalate, interpalate, beat arouind the bush, read the situation.  I like to see the reasoning behind some of the decisions people make.  I see people who look for a friend in food or furniture, or automobiles, when all those things give you is a credit card debt.  It’s not going to hold you at night, tell you everything’s going to be okay.  It’s just going to sit there, accumulating dust and deteriorating just as well as your physical body deteriorates. 

I don’t subscribe to any formal religion, except maybe the concept of non-duality, which is a belief and not a formal religion.  I understand that the only time is the present moment and I cannot argue that fact.  But I don’t belong to any particular belief system, a categorized set of heirarchical beliefs with some distant authority figure at the helm.  If you believe in such a thing and have never questioned it, I ask you to do so consciously.  It is the only way you will grow spiritually. 

I believe the soul is infinite, but I’m not making any predictions as to what happens once my body dies out.  I know I’ll still exist, it is intelligent to live that way, because even if I did cease to exist, I’m never going to know about it.  So, living like there is life after death is a more viable option.  I don’t think I’ll be punished in some fiery chamber where I get whipped and burned to death for all eternity.  But I don’t deny that Jesus Christ was an enlightened man.  What the religion his teachings were based on has turned into, I cannot support.

I don’t view life as a string of accomplishments, but rather a series of experiences.  Each moment is unique and precious.  Every second that passes is another second of existence.  Most people tend to think in terms of accomplishments, meaningful days.  I put no more weight on the day I met Jerry Seinfeld or the day I graduated from college than I do on the day I sat at home and read a book.  It’s all equal.  It all just is. 

Morally, I believe that harming someone is the equivalent of harming yourself, so I strive not to do anything to harm people or animals, but nobody’s perfect.  If I eat an animal, I say a prayer to the animal’s soul.  It’s something I have to work through.  Harming living things is counterproductive anyway.  It doesn’t do anything for you and it harms something else.  I’m striving more and more to end suffering in my life.

I guess I just don’t buy into the normal range of activities.  It’s just the way it is.  I allow myself to question the validity of many accepted truths.  I judge by my own opinion, rather than a consensus.  If I don’t think a movie is good, I’m not going to say it was just to fit in to the popular group who says the movie was good.  What is the point of that?  Acceptance?  When you fully accept yourself, external acceptance is meaningless.  You are more yourself than you’ve ever been. 

No matter how different you may be, the ability to accept yourself for you who are is invaluable.  To allow yourself to pursue unorthodox activities because you feel they are right is your right to be who you are.  Your thoughts are uniquely important to your character.  Don’t let your real self get tucked underneath the covers in a shrouded veil just to act the way you think others will accept.  It will be the beginning of the end of your real self.  If you allow yourself to truly be, you will experience joy.  Acceptance is the first key step.  Good luck.


2 Responses to Against the Grain

  1. Doug says:

    Excellent post as that too is the way I’ve been most of my life. I’ve never understood the whole ” Keeping Up With The Jones” line of thought so many subscribe to. Been reading your blog for awhile now and this is my first comment. Oh happy belated birthday. Mine is on the same day (12/28) as well.
    Keep up the good work.

  2. Liara Covert says:

    I like your comments. I look forward to the day when having the courage to be oneself will not be considered as “going against the grain.” Its nice to hear that you “don’t buy into ‘the normal range of activities.’ I wonder if you were always like this or if there was some turning point. What would you classify as “normal” now and why???

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