Another Excerpt From my Book

I woke up today and started working on my novel, and then realized I still hadn’t written a blog entry today, so I figured I’d kill two birds with one stone and combine the two.  This excerpt is what I worked on today and it was something like what my blog entry was going to be like anyway.  It may be a little dark, but the book I’m writing is extremely dark, so bear with me.  Here it is: 

They say we’re put on this earth to learn a lesson, but after you learn it, what do you do? Just stagnate until the day you die? After you’ve learned what you were put here to learn, how come you still have to keep going? There is nothing else left to do, except pay bills. Eat, sleep, go to the market, hang out with nature. That’s it. Maybe go on a trip or two. Life is so repetitious, but I think it’s because we’ve made it that way. There is no more real excitement. There is no more real anything. It’s all a mundane overture, a façade we tell ourselves is normal. There is no more harmony, but a bunch of cells going in all opposite directions. It’s the lies we tell ourselves to be happy. Every animal we eat, we have to rationalize that it lives on a comfortable farm and not stuffed in a crate with one hundred other animals, fed antibiotics so it doesn’t die from the stressful and diseased conditions, and then burned alive. How the chickens are dangled upside down, still alive, and scalded to death as their feathers get burned off. But we’d rather not think of that. We’d rather think that the farm with the animals spaced out, free-range, living their lives in a peaceful manner until the farmer decides to end their lives peacefully, quickly, painlessly. It’s just like reality.

It’s always more convenient to deny the terrible truths than it is to accept them. To pretend you don’t know it’s going on. To brush it off like it doesn’t exist. That we’re all heading towards utter destruction, that the world doesn’t have much time left, at least human existence. That we can’t really sustain life like this. It is not possible. We have to stop consuming and start fixing. We need to stop. It’s only a matter of time before we’re all gone. And who will be left to pick up the pieces. Our children. I hate how we come into this world inheriting someone else’s problems. The people who made all these problems are long gone, but we have to correct them. We have to salvage what’s left. We can’t just pretend they don’t exist. They are here. They will consume us all if we don’t make moves towards correcting them. But it’s not even our fault that we have these problems in the first place. We aren’t the ones responsible, but we are the ones who are designated to fix them. It just doesn’t seem fair to me, the lack of accountability the previous generations have, so what’s to motivate this generation to repair, when they can pass off the subsequent problems to the next generation?

The reason we do not make these changes is it’s always easier to maintain the status quo than it is to change. Change is a hard and difficult process while remaining the same is just a habit. It’s easily perpetuated. It’s a simple process. It’s always easier to exercise every day once you’ve done it for years than it is to start a new exercise program from scratch. It’s the fact that being comfortable rules all. %f you’re comfortable, it’s always easier to accept inconvenient truths. I’m not saying these ideas are new and I’m not even taking ownership of these ideas. I’m like the Greeks, who said their ideas came from the gods. It would be foolish to say these ideas are original, because they’re not. I just feel that in all existence of man, at least one person has thought of these ideas before, so therefore it is futile to claim ownership of anything anymore. Getting this copyrighted would be a useless task, like running on a treadmill to get to the store. It’s not even purposeful. But I’m still here, living, in the flesh, but for what? Another meal? Another story to tell? To tell people that everything is okay because life really has no meaning. The only way to get by is to live as joyful as you can, to avoid big change, to isolate yourself from judgment, to live your life naturally? Is that what I’m here to tell people? Is that why I’m still here?


One Response to Another Excerpt From my Book

  1. Liara Covert says:

    Life is as easy or as difficult as you choose. You’re still here on Earth because you have yet to realize the purpose you were born to realize. Life definitely has meaning. You must simply alter your mindset to search for pursuits that soothe your soul. When you feel restless, this could be because you permit the restlessness and discontentment of people around you to affect you. Consider people who have realized personal success in thier own lifetimes. They have developed the ability to step back from the cynics and discouraged people around them to focus on what really matters. You can do this too. Simply step back. Don’t waste energy on analysing what isn’t working in your life or why you aren’t doing certain things. Instead, focus on what is working. Things are always going right, some opportunity is knocking. Dwell on that.

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