Why Do We Exist?

I have been doing some deep thinking lately and been wondering why it is humans even exist in the first place. Why we’re even allowed to live on this planet and use up its natural resources and destroy its ecosystem, not to mention the rainforests. Why we’re allowed to pollute the air and put animals in a cage on display in their “natural habitat.” Why we’re allowed to go hunting for fun, with no real purpose other than killing animals, chopping off their heads, and hanging that head on the mantle. (I am all for hunting for food, but hunting for the hell of it is not cool.) Why we allow the planet to get more and more destroyed every day, allow several different species of animals to go extinct each year, some of which we are ignorant of wiping out. Why it is taboo in certain cultures to do certain things that other cultures don’t even think twice about. What have we given to the universe that has allowed to exist for this long?

I know we weren’t nearly as destructive in previous centuries and millennia, but in the last four to five centuries, we have done major damage to the planet, and garbage has increased quite a bit. Every piece of food people buy today has packaging, all of which is thrown away into the garbage, where it sits in a landfill for years. Logic tells me that in the next hundred years, as population increases and garbage also increased, and space decreases, the landfills will start to overflow, and the sewers as well. Bacteria will run rampant throughout the cities and towns and rats/cockroaches will be the kings of the cities. The further away from natural living we go, the more problems there will be.

Let’s go out and have a tire fire later, won’t you? Let’s take some bleach and ammonia and mix them together. Let’s not talk about just how many people died in a natural disaster, let’s also talk about the animals who also suffered. Oh, wait, animals hardly ever die in natural disasters because their instinct lets them know when such a thing is going to happen. Usually, the only animals that die in natural disasters are the ones on a leash or in a cage, and even they know that something is coming, they just can’t escape their prison.

It just seems to me, with all the destruction and the mayhem we cause in this world, I find it hard to believe that nature has allowed us to live for so long, or is it just that we keep finding new cures to everything that ails us? And all of this genetic engineering stuff, I can’t see any real good coming out of that. Sure, it may help people walk for the first time, and that’s good, but I can also see that kind of technology also used for evil. Actually it already is, because some guy patented a genetically engineered crop and even though the seeds went into another farmer’s farm, he was allowed to extract the crop from their farm, contaminating their farm and now those farmers had to go out of business because of the massive lawsuit filed against them.

I don’t know how much longer the human species will exist, but I do know that us as a whole are going too fast for our own good, with the resource depletion and the overconsumption of everything. People want and want and want, mostly because they are conditioned to want, or it fills some kind of void in their life. And most of the things they want are totally unnecessary. I wish that people could see the total consequences of their actions. Destroying our fragile ecosystem for factories that pump more toxic gas into the air and put more toxic chemicals in lakes and streams than is imaginable. Just so you can have your iPod or your too shed.

Let’ not forget about the factory farms, the concentration camps for animals, where they are put in such confined areas with so many animals squished together, they need to be pumped full of antibiotics so they don’t die while in there. Then the horrific way in which they’re killed, scalded while they’re still conscious, thrown into crates to be shipped, just awful. I know this may seem like a negative post, but it is just something I have been wondering lately. Why are we here and are we too intelligent for our own good? Ponder that while I go and eat a hearty breakfast.


2 Responses to Why Do We Exist?

  1. Please forgive the drastic nature of this post because I really just had a flash of insight and ra with it. I’m going to go watch TV now, but I’m not even going to turn it on. Staring at a blank TV screen while projecting my thoughts onto it, it doesn’t get any better than that.

  2. Liara Covert says:

    I think we exist to learn, to raise awareness and to be humbled. You bring up a number of issues which portray a disturbing image of human existence. This is a chosen view. You have likely been influenced by the media, by technology, by your expectations and lifestyle choices. Rather than focus on the potential negtive repercussions, why not envisage the potential positive repercussions of all of this? What good would you like to see come out of the current state of the world? I would invite you to read Affluenza by Clive Hamilton and Richard Denniss. This angle is specific to Australia.

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