I read something yesterday that had to do with minimalist living, a form of decluttering, if you would.  Getting rid of things that are not necessary.  To tell you the truth, there isn’t even much to say about minimalism except that fact that getting rid of extra possessions allows you to have a more clear mind and remving excess thoughts from your head does the same.  It is a kind of simple living that allows you to appreciate nature and life itself, rather than having your enjoyment of life rooted in external possessions, like your fifty-inch television.  I think that this is a good philosophy to adopt and I am working towards it. (I started yesterday, but have been thinking about this for almost a year.)

I do not own my own house or apartment yet, so the best I can do is minimalize my room.  Yesterday I spent about two hours cleaning and decluttering.  It felt good to get rid of some of the old junk, but even some of it I could not dispose of.  Some of my old papers from school, some papers that people in my family would say, “What are you crazy?  Why did you get rid of your W-2?”  So I kept some things, but my wastebasket is full once again after being full the previous day with other junk.  I’m also planning on eliminating junk from my life, excess packaging, etc.  It is good for the planet anyway.  I wish they recycled down here in South Carolina.  I can’t believe they don’t have someone come around and collect your recyclables.  It shows that living in a more developed area (RI) and then moving to a place like this (SC) can have its shortcomings.  I just find it hard to believe these people don’t even really consider it.  Plastic bottles go in the trashcan.  I mean, it only makes sense to cut down on waste and recycle the things you can, otherwise we wil be in dire straits in the next fifty years.

I think the best thing to consider is to not get things you don’t really need.  I mean, if you really look at it, the only things that are pertinent to a human’s survival is food, water, and shelter, so I can see how some people could cut down that far, but not me.  I don’t need a laptop and internet connection, but it would certainly be beneficial to me.  I don’t need a desk to put my laptop on, but the damn thing rips my leghairs off when I put in on my lap.  I don’t really need a bookshelf, but I look at it as a shelter for my books.  I need a chair to sit in so I don’t develop scoliosis.  I need a bed to sleep in because sleep is very important to me.  Everything we buy is pre-garbage anyway, so everything else is really dust to me.  I don’t own much clothes, only two pairs of shoes (both sneakers), maybe 20 shirts, which I never wear anyway, except on rare occasions when I am not working.  I am going to strip down my life to as simple as I can get it.  That way I’ll have extra money and resources to pursue what I want to pursue.  And I almost forgot, I no longer have a television in my room.

So, I’m going to try this and I’m pretty enthusiastic about it.  Cutting down on the things I have and cutting down on the waste I produce from having those things is something I believe will contribute to making the world a better place.  All right, it is time for me to go eat a plum and an orange, part of my nutritious breakfast.  Have a nice day.


One Response to Minimalism

  1. Liara Covert says:

    I remember being amazed by how much “stuff’ fellow students would accumulate in a year while living in a simple residence room. I was in awe when they were moving out. Wherever you live, if you periodically sift through your belongings, you will draw your attention to things you seldom use. You may be prompted to ask yourself, “what am I doing with this?” “Why do I need it?” Consider donating stuff you don’t use to charity. One person’s clutter will become another person’s treasure. I’d highly recommend the new Will Smith film entitled, “The Pursuit of Happyness.” This film reminded me of how we can survive with much less money and things than we think we can. And by doing so, we may actually discover meaningful directions for our lives because our focus will not be blurred by extraneous things.

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