Name Change Coming Soon…

I feel as if this blog has somewhat strayed off its original concept, so I am planning on making a title change to the title blog site, at the top from Comedy and Humor blog to possibly something a little different.  I still am not sure exactly what the hell the common thread is with all my posts, or if they even share any common threads at all, so it will take some clever examining to try and figure out this one.  I need a catchy name, a name that will bring people in and let them know what this site is all about.  At the same time I would love to host my own website, but with my technical skills lagging behind, I often wonder if there is a way to get just a blog as an entire website, as that is mostly what I will be needing, and anything else will be an afterthought.

I know I still want comedy to have something to do with the site, but I believe it will be more spiritually and philosophically focused.  It will be getting into the mind, the spirit, the body, and tying it all together with homor as the string that holds it all together.  That, and figuring out how to get the blogging software on my domain name I purchased, those are challenges I am facing at this moment.  If anyone has any suggestions on how to get this damn blog on my domain site, because I have tried uploading it before, following the precise directions from, and it did not work.  I just wish I had better skills when it comes to making websites.  I may have to try doing it again.  If you know how to do this, please let me know how.  I’d appreciate it.

 Major, Major Edit:  I will continue blogging on this website in addition to hosting the same blog at, my new domain site.  I do not want to inconvenience people who already go to this site, nor do I want to limit myself by just having a blog here, and not being able to expand.  So, I figured out what it was I needed to do, got it done, and now I shall have two blogs, but they will essentially be the same.  The only thing I need to figure out is how to get all these posts onto my domain name without having to repost them all.  Perhaps divine intervention??  I’ll look it up when I have the time.  Thank you!

Final Edit:  You can now view this blog also at  Finally figured it out, import/export, duh.  I am excited about this, my very own site!


One Response to Name Change Coming Soon…

  1. Liara Covert says:

    I think its great you wish to review the purpose of your blog and isolate a new focus.
    If you express gratitude as though you’ve already decided on a new focus, that will emit a powerful signal out into the Universe to positively influence your creative process.

    As for your wordpress issue, I would suggest you post a query on the wordpress tech forum or ask another blogger from that system for advice. That has worked well for me.

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