Welcome to AndrewBrunelle.com!

You can check out my new blog entry on my new site:  Welcome to AndrewBrunelle.com!  Enjoy!


One Response to Welcome to AndrewBrunelle.com!

  1. Jeff says:

    So my girlfriend and I are getting high tonight. As always, we have these deep conversations and revelations about life that we like to write down. Tonight we decided that we’re comedians at heart and begin to debate whether comedy has strategy or structure or if it’s simply “organic.” (GOS – that’s Girlfriend Over Shoulder – LOL). I say it does. She says it doesn’t. I jump out of bed and come to the internet where all arguments can be settled through unsubstantiated research and anecdotes to your viewpoint if you’re willing to dig deep enough. So I come across AndrewBrunelle.com and I’m blown away. Your insights and analysis are well thought out and authentic. I have bookmarked your site and hope to glean more wisdom from you. Thank you teacher.

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