March 6, 2007

On my website, I have posted yet another new post describing my journey into the dream world and how fulfilling it has been so far and that I intend to keep having these dreams, as well as progressing to lucid dreams.  Here is the post:  Dreams

For my next post, I will most likely discuss dreams again, as this has become my current interest, at least for the past couple of days.  Enjoy!


Remove Fear, Insert Love/Joy

March 1, 2007

Thought I would add a link to my newest post on andrewbrunelle.com so that you all could get a look at it.  It’s just kind of like a journal entry of me and how working through my fears helps me get into a state of love, joy, happiness, and a feeling of oneness.  Here is the link:  Post 173:  Remove Fear, Insert Love/Joy