Fear Kills the Mind

November 17, 2006

Here’s something I’ve just come to realize. Human beings are the only species that kills their own species for no reason and rejoices in the fact that they killed them. It is almost like our whole society based on war and ownership of land has completely turned us into worse than all animals. Some animals kill other animals for food. And that’s part of nature, but we kill our own species for power, lust, greed, and a sense of security. We kill for no reason whatsoever. We have no intention of preserving life. The people in power are mentally ill, schizophrenic to an extent. They’ll find a way to get the nation in support of war, even if civilian casualties occur in the remote country we’re off to bomb mercilessly. It’s almost as if we don’t care anymore. We don’t care about anyone but ourselves. News from other countries pales in comparison to what the latest celebrity is wearing. They use all this media of celebrities and fear-based news to keep us complacent. Fear is the killer of the mind. And they all know that. If they keep us in fear, they know they can gain power over us. And if they increase this level of fear over time, they could have us all going to war to kill people who most likely are no threat to us. But the fact that they have us all rooted up in fear is what makes it possible for us to make this move. They fill our heads with propaganda and bad news about other countries to somehow justify their eventual warfare on that nation. And you never see the other side. It’s always about what they want you to see and hear.

People follow along with this, too. They believe everything they hear and they will do exactly what five or six people in power want them to do. All the negative things in the world are created through some sort of fabrication of paranoia, which leads to us feeling like we’re in danger, when realistically we are nowhere near being in danger. I just wish more people would come onto this way of thinking because it’s getting to be insane. I can even see our government fabricating terrorist attacks on our nation in the near future. I’m not sure if anything of the like has happened yet, but I’m sure it might have, and it is a definite tactic for the future, no matter what the cost. It’s not about the people. It’s about the retention of power. But these people will only remain in power as long as we eat the things we are fed. We’re not sold lies, we buy the lies they give to us. And we not only believe them, we act on them, not knowing that what we are acting on has no real value.

So I guess it’s pretty prevalent why I do not associate myself with the rules of society or the fear-based ways of thinking. I just can’t bring myself down to that level again after experiencing nothing with fear. If you can transcend fear, then you’ve really taken away their power. But people are creating new things to be afraid of every day. Why would a country create biological and chemical warfare? To keep other countries in fear. Why else? “Don’t mess with us because if you do, we’ll kill all of you.” That’s the mindset of these countries. I find it so excruciatingly painful that army soldiers and generals can go to war, kill five thousand people, and not stand trial for their murders. Yet, if someone accidentally kills someone in a car wreck or something, they could face up to twenty-five years in jail. It’s just not logical. A serial killer pales in comparison to someone who goes into a country with the sheer purpose of taking it over, by killing thousands of people and even displaying them up on a stage as they behead them. It’s all relative, really. We’re all going to die sooner or later, so I don’t know why we allow this fear-based thinking or non-thinking to rule our lives. If we accept the fact that the world is a dangerous and fearful place, then it will be one in our minds. And we will filter out all the good we see and concentrate solely on the bad, which will reinforce our feelings of a terrible world. And the cycle continues to grow stronger. The world makes sure only the people who are of this evil and dark intention will ever make it into power. And when someone who doesn’t follow this is put into power, like John F. Kennedy, we find a way to assassinate him. And you see how terrible the world seems, but in reality, the only way it seems that way is because we are all conditioned to think that way. So if we drop the propaganda this world has been feeding us, then maybe we’ll be able to overcome this security conundrum.

And the fear is toxic. Look at all the diseases there must be right now. All these people with anxiety and stress-related conditions that totally run their lives. It’s a great market for the drug industry, I’m sure. “Let’s see how much money we can make from all these new conditions we created.” It’s a damn shame, but it’s the truth. I’m sure it’s much worse now. Poverty-stricken people in the streets begging for change or food and there’s the fat cat aristocrat who won’t spare even a dollar to the hungry or the food retention challenged, or whatever bogus word the government will come up with to euphemize starving.

This are just some instantaneous thought I had after watching the 2012 thing, which was over 3 1/2 hours long.  I fell asleep 2:30 through it, so I missed the last hour, but it was pretty good.  Here’s the link:  Click here.  I just hope you have four hours to spare…intersting stuff, though.


A Midday Nap

November 10, 2006

Okay, so I took a nap today.  Not to mention I kind of liked it.  And I’ll probably be up all night now.  Is that necessarily a good thing?  I like to think so.  Here’s what I’m thinking:  If I sleep maybe six hours a night, wake up earlly, and nap right before I go to work around 2 PM for maybe a fifteen minute span, I can effectively increase my awake time by more than two hours.  That’s not a bad idea at all if I think about it.  It’s a form of biphasic sleep I think, but I feel like if I start waking up earlier, I can go for a jog/walk, eat a big breakfast, which is always beneficial, and work on my array of projects I’m currently creating.  If I spend maybe fifteen to twenty minutes napping around 1 PM, I can effectively get my sleep requirements by sleeping less.

But I have to have a reason for doing so.  I’m considering working out again.  Just to increase my strength somewhat and be able to do things easier.  I want to meet my physical body again, as we’ve lost touch, except when I’m at work.  Tomorrow I plan to wake up around 7 AM or so, go to the health club in my development, which opens tomorrow, do some weight lifting and cardio work, then come home, eat a big breakfast, work on some comedy, mostly scriipts and then get working on developing the book I have this idea for.  It’s a book based on creativity and allowing ideas to come to you when they do and not rushing them.  It will also have to do with relaxation and stuff like that, which will allow more creative ideas to flow to you.  I really don’t know how much I can say about this, but it will relate to all different kinds of situations.  It will be a book about living a more creative life in all aspects possible. 

I’m really looking forward to writing a book about this and I feel if I can wake up a bit earlier and get working on myself extensively as well as writing this book, which I hope to finish by the end of the year or so, I will be able to be more productive while essentially not stressing to get things done in what will seem like a scarcity of time.  I want to increase the amount of time I have in each day so I can spend it in a variety of ways.  I feel if I can incorporate some sort of routine into my life that starts early, I’ll be setting a positive pattern for the rest of my life.  Also, I want to start getting to bed earlier, maybe 10-11 PM.  It’s not that I’m tired at that time, it’s just there’s really nothing to do during those hours.  Before I stopped watching TV, I used to watch TV.  Now I spend it doing mindless activities online that I don’t even remember the next morning, so what’s the point of doing them?  I feel that if I can change the waking/sleeping hours, I’ll be able to really focus on comedy at decent hours and not have to feel stressed and trying to get things done so fast, because stress and a feeling of time scarcity leads to an inhibition in creativity, as I’m sure we all know.  I’m searching for a title for the book as well, so I’ll brainstorm some ideas.  I’m not going to rush anyting, though.  If one day I don’t feel like writing or don’t feel like working out or whatever, I won’t.  I just can’t let it become a pattern.  I don’t think it will be a big problem anyway.

I’m working on some creative comedy as well.  I want to create a show that will be very absurd, but it will also be very funny.  I may pitch it to someone and see what they think and eventually pitch it to some network once I get the groundwork done.  I’ve got what I want it to be, so I just need to build a foundation underneath it.  A good foundation is key because without one, it will be hard for the show to stand on its own.  I’m going all out into this, although it will be in a relaxing way. 

A sidenote:  I’ve been intending for more money to come into my life, so I’m sure you’re familiar with the Deal or No Deal lucky case game.  I don’t really watch the show, but I enter ten times online in the lucky case game every time the show airs with a shot at winning $10000 dollars, which would certainly have me on my way to getting enough to live independently without having to get a job.  This will also allow me to do what I love, whether or not it makes me money.  That will be a fine day.  So that’s what’s going on.  I’ll be going to bed around 1 AM tonight as I took a nap, but tomorrow starts the new sleep schedule.  I’ll see how it works and fill everyone in!

Steven Wright Review Coming Soon…

October 22, 2006

LAst night, I finally got to see the special I was planning to see all week.  He finally went on and did his thing.  He was absolutely wonderful beyone my expectations and I could not believe how many one-liners he squeezed into an hour special.  He even did a couple of songs, one which was barely audiable.  He is the embodiment of post-modern weirdness and he definitely showed true to form last night.  Just some of the crazy things he said were so absurd you had to laugh.  I’ll have a review soon after I watch it again because I have to see how many jokes he actually did and how many got a decent laugh and all those scientific formulas.  But I’m really glad he decided to do something like this and I’m sure that many people watched it anticipating gold and they were not disappointed.  I’m so glad that this happened and I had been waiting for this for years, so it really did everything to justice.  I’m not really in a position this week to do much posting, so after this week is over, I’ll post much more frequently, but I’m on a semi-vacation.  So if there are only one or two posts this week, understand that I really don’t have time to post.  I have a friend staying here for a week and we’re going to paint the town red.  I got the week off from work, which could ultimately contribute to me deciding whether or not I want that job anymore.  I’ve decided to go back to college for at least another two years to try and fulfill my degree in Mathematics.  I’m also considering minoring in Spanish.  But I will not try to make that a real career.  Maybe I’ll do it for awhile because I don’t mind math, but I’m eventually going to have to move up north and pursue my comedy passion.  I’m really hoping to make it big or if not, just to have fun doing it.  It’s not a question of external success.  It’s the process by which I think of things and the way I am.  I want to display myself to the world.  This is my utmost desire.  So keep reading my blog and invite your friends to read it, too.  Eventually, I’m going to put clips of my standup up here as soon as I figure out how to fucking format it.  Well, it’s been fun talking, but I’ve got to prepare for a fun-filled day.

Today’s The Day

October 21, 2006

Today’s the day where absurdity meets sheer logic.  Today’s the day where Steven Wright has his comedy special on Comedy Central.  I can’t wait for it.  I hope there’s a lot of new jokes and stuff because if there is, I’ll be able to watch it over and over and laugh over and over.  I saw a small clip of it online and it was very good, but I don’t have a link for it because I forgot the website I went to.  But I encourage you to watch it because even though Steven Wright appeals more to an older audience, many young people say he was their inspriation, like me.  I have a friend coming in from Rhode Island today as well, so he’ll get the treat of watching it as well.  What an amazing day today is going to be!  Peace out!

Do What You Love, Not What You Don’t

October 18, 2006

I’ve heard this so many times, I swear it’s a recurring theme in my like.  If something is your life, why would you want to spend it doing things that you don’t want to do?  Why would you want to work at a job you hate, doing meaningless work, to you at least, and never erally embracing the passion you hve for, say, needlepoint.  Sure, you may get to make a couple in your spare time, but you never really come to embrace your needlepoint passion and it remains dormant.  You never get any better because you don’t devote enough time to build up your needlepoint skills.  And this is a way of life that often prevents people from doing what they’re supposed to do.  Sure, I’m sure some people like their job because it’s what they feel they were meant to do.  I have a man working at my supermarket who absolutely loves working there.  He loves to help people find groceries they couldn’t find and always says, “It’s a pleasure to help you.  It’s always a joy to help somebody else.”  I guess he’s in the right line of work.  Then there are the people who work and they hate it so much, but they have to work to survive.  They gossip cosntantly about the people there and they usually don’t work there very long, but they just move on to some meaningless, boring job that doesn’t mainfest the fire and desire that it should.

Yesterday, I was working at the job I think is a waste of time, and I was just observing most of the people there.  Just watching the employees do their jobs and it was so autonomous, like ithey were some sort of robot.  I couldn’t get over how superficial the conversations were that they had with their customers.  “Oh, how are you?”  “Good. How are you?”  “Good.”  That was the extent of most of the conversations.  The way they work is very monotonous and they don’t seem to be getting any joy out of it.  I know most of the people working there are vibrating on a much lower frequency than me, so I guess they may not yet have the ability or consciousness to bring themselves out of this montony.  But there are a couple of people who just do it for the hell of it, retired people, people who have had meaningful jobs in the past, and those are the people I tend to gravitate towards because they often have better insights on life.  They know what they’re about and they know that they have already reached their passionate state previously in life and still carry some of it with them.

It’s no secret that my passion is comedy and humor.  That’s what I practice and what I preach.  There’s other dimensions to me, but comedy is the underlying theme.  I’m very eloquent in my speech as well, but I definitely love to observe people and just take some comedy out of it.  Maybe your passion is skateboarding, but you were never good enough to make the pro team.  Well, that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun doing it.  You could even start a skateboarding business.  If skateboarding is what you’re passionate about, go for it.

I”m sick and tired of people who hate their job, hate their life, hate this, hate that.  I just can’t stand being around those people.  You know, the ones that are always complaining.  “I didn’t get this, I didn’t get that.  I hate this person, I can’t stand that person.  I’m not working here anymore.”  Well, then leave!  Jesus Christ!  I’ve never seen such hostility.  But you have to get into doing things you love, even if you don’t know how to make money from it yet.  You have to build up your skills and eventually turn what you like to do into money.  it’s not that complicated.  Most of the successful people of the world would hardly call the way they make a living work.  They love to go “play” and get their projects done because tbey’re genuinely passionate about it.  They don’t have resentment towards the fact that they have to go “work.”  They’re fucking happy as hell just to have the opportunity to do it.  They even wake up early to start on their day.  These are the people you should strive to be like.  These are the people who are successful.  These are the people who still do the same job even after they make millions of dollars.

A great example from stand-up comedy is the great Jerry Seinfeld.  He made millions upon millions of dollars in the nine years he did Seinfeld and he’s still making residuals every day an episode airs.  So what do you think he’s doing now?  He’s performing stand-up codmedy all over the country, touring all around.  Does he do this for the money?  No, he does it because it’s the only thing he loves so much that money isn’t an intrinsic factor.  It’s not a factor at all.  He just loves doin git.  That’s the kind of motivation I’m talking about.

So here’s my challenge to you:  For the next five to six hours of your spare time, devote at least two of them to something you’e passionate about.  Something you love to do.  Something you would do if money wasn’t involved.  Just do it.  Nike.  Just kidding.  If you love to go for long walks in nature, then do it.  If you love to paint, even if you’re not good at it, do so.  Let your passion take hold of you and guide you to eternal bliss.  Learn all you can about your passion.  It won’t be work, it will be pure play.

A New Steven Wright Special

October 16, 2006

Seeing as I haven’t watched TV in over three weeks or so, barring two South Park episodes, I really wasn’t up on the times when it comes to comedy. My brother comes in my room last night and tells me that Steven Wright, the Steven Wright, is having a comedy special this Saturday, which is coincidentally the same day my friend from Rhode Island is coming in. Go figure. So I assume it’s going to be one hell of a time that day. This is Wright’s first special in supposedly sixteen years. Can you believe it? I’m so excited, as he is my favorite comedian of all time. One quote frome the commercial that my brother saw was, “If heat rises, then heaven must be hotter than hell.” Pure genius. He has many other new jokes, I’m sure. I really haven’t heard any of his stuff since 1986, so I really don’t know what to expect. But I’m definitely looking forward to it. It premieres on Comedy Central at 9:00 PM. It should be a feast for the ages. I am so looking forward to this and you should, too. Maybe I’ll even get a big screen plasma TV for the occasion, but I don’t think Steven would want it that way. He’s more into a black and white phonograph. But whatever.

To me, this is the Christian equivalent of Jesus rising from the dead and having a second coming. I’m dead serious. I cannot express my joy in any other manner but pure and utter amazement that after all these years, he would finally, finally come out with something new. He’s not the most driven person, and I definitely can relate to that, but he’s also someone who does such bizarre things and also tells absurd jokes to the point that you forget who you are completely and are immersed in his catatonic behavior. Him and Jerry Seinfeld are the two comedians that inspired me when I was first starting, most notably Jerry because I didn’t even know of Steven Wright back then. I remember the first joke of his I ever heard: “The ice cream truck in my neighborhood plays Helter Skelter.” Then he goes on, “Last night I came home very late, it was the next night. I tried getting into my building, but I accidentally stuck my car keys in the door and the building started up. So I drove it around for awhile. The police pulled me over for speeding. He asked me, ‘Where do you live?’ I said, ‘Right here.’ Then I parked in the middle of a highway and yelled at all of the cars to get the hell out of my driveway.” From there, I was hooked. So strange, so bizarre, so insane, kind of like me. But I’m not just like him. I mean, he’s truly and utterly bizarre to the tenth degree and that’s why I like him. That’s what draws me to him, but I am a little more emotional onstage. I burn the passionate fire while he just stands there, all laid back. And he’s perfect at it, which is why he’s so good.

It’s funny because in an itnerview with him, he would talk about how he didn’t even see himself as montone or talking about abstract things. He just went out there and did what he thought was funny. That was it. It’s very simple, really. Do what you think is funny and hopefully you’ll find a group of people who also think it’s funny. If not, at least you’re amusing yourself. I also remember him telling of jokes that he thought weren’t that funny that were great with the audience as wel as things he thought were brilliantly funny that didn’t resonate with an audience. He’s just something to marvel at. I can’t wait until Saturday.  Also, look for a review of his peformance possibly on Sunday.  It will be a great time.  Peace.

South Park Pokes Fun at 9/11

October 12, 2006

I went to go see School for Scoundrels last night.  It was pretty funny.  It had the guy from Napoleon Dynamite and Billy Bob Thorton.  I’d give it about a seven and a half on a scale of one to ten.  We kind of left the movie early a little because I had to watch my one TV show a week, South Park.  It was an episode about the 9/11 conspiracy theories.  It was really good until the ending.  The ending kind of left me pissed off, but it was okay because the rest of it was so good.  They even had a fake version of the Hardy Boys, but they called them the Hardly Boys.  And they were so fucking gay it was hillarious.  “I’m getting a ragin clue right now.  My clue in pointing in this direction.”  Man, it was really funny.  And then the sscene where George W. Bush shoots a 911truth.org guy in the head, then ten minutes later Stan and Kyle see that same guy again alive.  It was a great fucking episode.    The animation was spectacular as well with amazing scenery shots.  I know you probably don’t see this from the two-dimensional South Park world, but this episode was special in that regard.  It was something that we had to get home for, though.  There was no waiting till 12 to watch the rerun.  It’s amazing how one show, and just one show, can make such a big impact on my life.  There really isn’t another show like that one.  If they didn’t have that show on Comedy Central or on TV at all, I would watch no TV.  But the benefits of seeing them push the envelope is so amazing that I even left a movie I paid $7.75 for to make it home in time.  Thank you, South Park and may the lord be with you.