Remove Fear, Insert Love/Joy

March 1, 2007

Thought I would add a link to my newest post on so that you all could get a look at it.  It’s just kind of like a journal entry of me and how working through my fears helps me get into a state of love, joy, happiness, and a feeling of oneness.  Here is the link:  Post 173:  Remove Fear, Insert Love/Joy



February 26, 2007

New post entitled Whatever….

Yeah, check it out.  I really enjoyed writing it, so if that whole thing about passion in writing rings true, you should love reading it, unless, of course, you can’t read.  In that case, you can’t read this either, so you have no idea what I am talking about anyway.  Enjoy.

Peace and Balancing Services….and My Private Beach

February 22, 2007

Another one of my off-key rants about a bunch of things that have been jarring my mind lately.  Something of a rant, something of a lucid experience, I really can’t say for sure….but here it is, uncensored:  Blog Post 170  Take a visit to my very own private beach. 

Please, Stop Complaining

February 15, 2007

Here is a post I wrote about how I don’t like people who complain and how it doesn’t really solve anything, and give a solution to those who have it rough, and need to put things in perspective or something like that.  Please, Stop Complaining

Next, I plan on blogging about having  a sense of humor in all situations, even in the radiation room, as I experienced numerous times while going through cancer treatment.  Stay tuned!

Life Without an Alarm Clock

February 12, 2007

I decided to, in light of me parting with my alarm clock over a year ago, write a post on how living without a real alarm clock has been.  It is available through my website and is available here:  Living without an alarm clock

I would like to comment on how the two sites are working in conjunction with each other.  I like it. It is like I can give a little commentary on the article I’ve written.  I enjoy doing this to a good extent, as it gives you an overall feel for what the article or post or whatever will be about.  Keep the traffic coming, I thank you.

Attitude, Gratitude, and Perspective

February 8, 2007

Hey, everyone, I have written another post on my new website entitled Attitude, Gratitude, and Perspective, which deals with myself and my philosophy about overcoming supposedly negative circumstances by focusing on more positive aspects of the situation.  A way of putting a good day in perspective, and realizing that good times and bad times are only temporary.  I really enjoyed writing it, and I wish for you to enjoy reading it.  Thank you.

Hard Work

February 5, 2007

Here is yet another link to my new website and my new post, entitled Hard Work, available at 

Note:  I really enjoyed writing this post, which examines how hard work doesn’t always have to be painful and that if you align hard work with your puprose, or provide some sort of extrinsic motivations, or external reward, you can equate hard work with fun and pleasure.  Enjoy.